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quran for kids

The man is a social animal if not social just an animal. How does the society develop? When people live together, work for one another and help one another. Social civilization divides the rights and responsibility among people. If someone is working for someone, he must pay him. If someone is ill, others must care about it. If someone becomes disable other members facilitate him to survive. This is not only the responsibility of state but also, the persons also play roles. State can make rules and implement the rules. State can not produce sympathy. Feelings are internally developed and not by force. These sympathetic feelings are base of humanity.

Some people think that human being is  an evolved form of animals. We see a limited family relationship in some species of animal life too. However most of the animals live solo life especially after puberty. We see this type of behavior in so-called civilized societies too. Just reaching the age of teen , everyone want to live an independent life without parents. There is a big difference between the young ones of an animal and human being.  Young ones of Goat can walk on his legs and take milk from his mother just after the few hours of his birth. Duck’s young ones know how to swim since birth. Deer’s young ones are able to jump, walk and even run after the few hours of their birth. While the matter for human beings is totally different. Parents have to provide food, shelter , care , love , affections for a long time period. It takes years for a human child to become able to survive on his own. Human live in a family where the duties are divided. Father have to earn to support financially. Mothers spend nights in caring their kids.

In modern and civilized societies specially and in under developing countries generally, the trend to live independently is increasing more and more . There are multiple reason behind this trend. One of them is lack of knowledge about Islam. Religions are a mere collection of rituals only while Islam with its divine rules provides a nice way to live life. Do you know about the longest ayah of Koran Karim. It is about borrowing. In this ayah Allah orders us to make the dealing in writing. So that no one can deceive anyone and chances of quarrel are also reduced by making written contract. If someone do not know how to write , he may take help of a lawyer . If a Muslim is not available, take the help from non-Muslims. Islam wants peace and correlation in society. All human beings have rights.  It is a very important lesson of  Quran For kids. Your neighbors have rights. Do not disturb your neighbors. Islam respects humanity. Cruel acts of some nonsense people have masked the true face of Islam. There is no race color or regional basis discrimination. Each and every person has its own rights and responsibilities.  The imbalance takes place in social relations when someone don’t pay his duties and demands for his rights.

In the last I want to say few words to our youth. If you want to be a good Muslim then spend your energies in helping the other members of society. According to Koran Karim, Helping is not just the financial help. It can be the emotional help, maybe someone just needs your few mints. Remember you were a kid and your parents and other family members spent their time and money with you. Now it is your turn. You have to spend time and money on your kids and parents booth. It is not the matter of investing. It is the matter of humanity. In future, your generations will pay you and this circle will continue until the judgment day. If you don’t do so, Allah will create other sources because HE knows well how to care HIS creature. But you will be at a total loss at the end.

Dear parents, you are the first school for your kids so you have to follow follow Quran for kids training.  Sayings have less minimal impact and practice has maximal impact. Our online Quran academy offers one to one class of teaching Quran for kids. Join us for you and your kids there is no age limit in learning and repenting is never late. It is always welcome.

Stay Blessed

Saqib Zaid

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