Privacy Policy

The purpose of this privacy policy page is to disclose our duties and your rights in a detailed way. So that as a visitor of our site, you may know our duties and your rights and there should be no matter of discrepancy. However, If you have any issues or any suggestions or remarks about this privacy policy or the contents published on our site. Please feel free in writing us on our email. We consider any information provided by you very personal . We will never share your information. All our tutors of Quran are dedicated.

Complaints Policy

We work with patience however if you or your kids have any complaint relating any issue, Please write us an email at with all details, we will take proper action as quickly as possible.

Freezing Policy

If due to any reason you or your kids want a break , you may freeze your lessons. Whenever you want we will re continue your lessons again. We understand that in this busy life students may need a break. For lesson break please inform us 2 weeks earlier so that we may manage easily. If You want to cancel your subscription, it is requested to give 1-week prior notice.

Public Holidays Policy

We make only 6 holidays in whole lunar calendar Islamic year. 3 Holidays on Eid-ul-Fitr and 3 Holidays on Eid-ul-Adhaa. There is no reduction in dues for these holidays and there are no compensation lectures for these Holidays.

If due to any reason such as health issues of any teacher or dis connectivity of the internet, there is any holiday . We will compensate that holiday by providing a free lesson of Koran Karim at your desired time and date.

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