We pay attention to each student separately, there is one to one class. We share our screen and make an audio connection. The student can be on cell phone, tablet, laptop or personal computer. Usually, students do not need a camera. We write Arabic alphabets on our screens. According to student’s learning capability, initial identification may complete in few lectures. After identification of letters, next is word formation. Again we write on our screens to show how alphabets are changed into words. Next step is the Arabic signs identification. We understand that each person has its own capability to retain. We give different examples for proper pronunciation of each alphabet. this is the base and if the base is weak there can not a strong building. We try our best to pay special attention to these steps.

Furthermore, when kids become able to recite Holy Quran fluently we discuss different ayahs of Holy Quran so that you and your kids┬ámay know what Quran demands from us. We discuss ayahs according to the age of our students. We try our best to boost good moral characters of our students. We try our best to teach our student what Allah really wants from us. Allah sent HIS book for following. This book was not sent for just an addition to the personal library of any person. It gives directions to live life on one’s own and it gives clear directions to live peacefully in any society. Islam is not limited to one race or one area so its rules are also universal . It can help us in all situations. ┬áParadise is not far if we mold ourselves according to Allah’s commands.

All this process is easy to say and hard to do further more it takes time because we deal each student with separate attention. We do it with patience to spread the true message of Allah. We are not here to earn huge profit. We charge minimal. We never refused to teach Holy Quran due to the shortage of money. As a Muslim, we can not even think so. We are available 24/7 at your desired time. We have different packages. All charges are mentioned here in United States dollar, You may use the form below for any type of inquiry. We have discounted packages for family members referral.

quran recitation
quran recitation

We offer a one-week free trial, you do not need any credit card, pay pal or any other payment method to avail this. It is absolutely free. If you are not satisfied with our performance you may disconnect at any level. After one week you will avail any of our paid packages.

Monthly Charges of Teaching Quran For Kids

Days Per Week Number of classes Class Duration Monthly Charges Currency
3 days a week 12 classes per month 30 mints $45 US Dollar
5 days a week 20 classes per month 30 mints $65 US Dollar
Saturday-Sunday 6 classes per month 30 mints $35 US Dollar

May Allah give more chances to spread HIS final book and May Allah give you chances to learn and follow Holy Quran May Allah keep us on straight path and bless us in this world and on the Judgement day


Saqib zaid

Jan 25, 2016

Quran Teaching for Children