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Stories from Quran for kids

Quran for kids presents True stories, instead of teaching fake stories only , it will be better if we teach true stories to our kids .  Holy Prophet Muhammad May Allah bless him and his Holy Progeny with Peace preached his nation. Internally they admitted that talk of the Holy Prophet Muhammad May Allah bless him and his Holy Progeny with Peace was reasonable and decent but they were victims of lust and ego. Offering duties was heavy on them . It is a symbol of devil followers that they always raise for their rights they never talk about their duties. Prominent leaders of pagans were Amr ibn Hisham, Sakhr ibn Harb, Abu Lahab, Utba, and shebah .

They gathered and made a plan. They sent a representative towards Jes scholars. He told them that a person from us started calling himself as prophet and representative of God. He was claiming that he was a prophet like Moses and Abraham. They added that he claimed to have knowledge of Torah and bible too. So tell us some difficult questions so that we might ask that questions. In this way, we might make him speechless. Scholars of jews gathered few questions about which they thought that only prophets knew about it. Some of these questions were, what is Soul? who were people of Kahf? what was their story? who was Zul Qarnayn ?
Abu Jahil visited our Holy Prophet and asked these question. Our Holy Prophet replied all answers. In Quran, these ayahs are at different places. The starting Arabic word for each of such ayah is ” Yasalunaka ” means they asked about it. There are two such ayahs some of these questions were from Abu jahl, some were from jews, some were Christians and some were from Muslims too in some specific matter.

Koran Karim in 17th Surah, The surah Israel ayat number 85 discusses this question with the answer.
“They are questioning about Soul. (O my Prophet) Say (them that) The soul is (one of the) Command of my Lord ( and O men! in this regard )it is only a little knowledge that is communicated to you”.

quran for kids
Quran for kids

the second question was about Zul Qarnayn . Allah told his prophet that he was a ruler of this earth and Allah blessed him abilities to rule. He was the ruler of earth from east to west. He was on the straight path. He called people towards Allah. He helped people. He was kind to poor.

Quran for kids
Quran for kids

He moved towards west along with his army. He reached in an area where he found that sun was being set. It was a swampy area. A tribe lived there. Allah bestowed authority to deal them according to his own wish. Zil Qarnayn said that that he would call them towards Allah. He said that he would punish The persons who would oppose the righteous way and would want to destroy the peace or would carry on injustice. He said that his lord would punish the more on the Judgement day. He said that the punishment of his lord was harsh and unimaginable. He said the persons who would follow the righteous path, would be beneficial for rest , would be rewarded. The actual reward for such is with Allah only.

Then Zul Qarnayn moved towards the east. He reached there and found a nation there. Allah tells us that there was no hindrance or coverage for them. He left them and moved on another way. He reached an area which was among high mountains. He found a tribe there who hardly could understand any language. They told him that they remained disturbed due to two tribes, Gog and Magog . They told that they created great mischief. They attacked them occasionally and capture whatever they possessed by the hard job. They told that tribes lived behind that big plain mountains and the only way was a narrow gap between these They said that they could collect charity fund for him if he could do something to give them relief from that tribes. He replied that he did not need their funding however they would support him physically. He ordered them to bring sheets of iron and ordered them to melt copper. He joined iron sheets and closed the path . then he ordered them to blow the fire. Due to the effect of fire , iron became red hot. Then he ordered to bring melted copper and poured that copper on that wall. Molten copper settled in the gap and the welded the sheets. After that, Zul Qarnayn said that Insha Allah that tribes can not cross that barrier until the time will arrive. He said: “This is a mercy from my Lord: but when the promise of my Lord comes to pass, He will make it into dust, and the promise of My Lord is true.”

Dear kids the story is still continued . Insha Allah, we will complete it in our next post.

Allah tells us in Koran Karim that people engaged in useless questions. How many they were in number. Dear kids do it makes any sense to ask how many they were in number. Quran tells us that a group of people said that they were three in number and the fourth one was their dog. Some started saying that they were four in number and the fifth one was their dog. Some insisted that they were five in number and the sixth one was their dog. Their scholars engaged them in useless talks and they forgot the actual message of people of Kahf. They left their teachings and involved in devil’s following. Allah says in Noble Quran that Jews will try to debate relating their number. Some will say that they were six and seventh was their dog and some will say that they were seven in number and eighth one was their dog. Only Allah knows their exact counting and very few people knew about it.


Dear kids, The message in this story to learn is that actual destination is jannah.  It is very beautiful place and this place is for the people who live their lives according to the commands of Allah. Devil is busy in his job and he is very sincere in this work. If we want to include ourselves in the list of successful people we have to follow Allah’s order. We should not involve in rubbish and useless talks. May Allah keep us on right track forever.

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