Quran For Children

Holy Prophet Muhammad (May Allah bless him and his holy progeny with peace) said that the best one among you are those who learn Holy Quran and teach Holy Quran. The true guidance is Koran Karim which can provide success in this world and in the life after death. We hope that our travel will lead us to paradise, the actual destination.

We offer a 100% free trial . Credit card or PayPal  is NOT required, so why not experience a free week of Quran recitation lessons with live teacher. Our basic purpose is serving the humanity so we charge minimal.

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There is no age restriction in learning Koran Karim. We have some students above 50 years of age. We are just one click away, no matter where you live we are here to teach Quran for kids or other family members.

Grow up your kids as good Muslims

You are at the correct place. Join us to learn Quran Recitation by completing the contact form at the bottom of this page and leave the rest to us. We are here to spread the true message of Allah. We not only will train you to recite Holy Quran with the proper accent but teach you what Allah actually wants from us. We try our best to boost good moral character of our students so that they may become a good asset of their societies.

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We share the screen with you, all you need is an active internet connection and skype account. Classes are given either using your cell phone, a laptop , or a desk computer with mic and speakers. We share our screen. For beginners, we start from identification of Arabic alphabets. Once the identification of Arabic alphabets in Full form, short form, and Joined form is completed, we will teach you signs. We will show you how alphabets change into words. Each language has its own alphabets and way of writing. If you pay some more extra attention you will be able to write in Arabic too. With the help of our qualified staff and our special designed color-coded booklet, you will be able to read Arabic fluently in just a few weeks. Yes, we are not saying for months we are saying for few weeks. Why are we so confident? The reason is simple we have experience of more than 20 years in reading and teaching the Holy Quran. We know well that where students make mistakes and how to cover that mistakes. Take our one-week free trial and all will be clear.

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We have designed special courses for those individuals who are of non-Arabic countries and, we have our own color coded Tajweedi booklet, Saqib Noorani-Qaida.

We use different colors for different alphabets. Color usage makes it easy to identify the material. Once the student becomes fluent in reading then we provide a color coded Tajweedi Holy Quran. Color coded Tajweedi Holy Quran is available in PDF and in hard copy form. Some people call it Koran Kareem, and some say Coran. While others say as Koran Karim, and there are many names for Holy Quran Karim. You will be able to join us to recite this holy message in its original form.

quran for kids
quran for kids

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We have the top Quran reciters teaching students the Holy Quran since 1995. We believe that Quran is the base of Islam and success of peace in this world along with the successful learning of judgment day can be achieved by following Allah’s orders and sunnah of His Holy Prophet Muhammad (May Allah bless him and his holy progeny with peace). The first word sent by Allah towards HIS messenger was “IQRAA”. The meaning of this Arabic word is “read”. If we follow the teaching of Quran Karim it will work as the explorer and the world will know how many noble and simple orders are in Koran Karim. It is a big tragedy that Muslims have forgotten to follow the message of Allah. We are a non-profit organization.

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Allah says that there is nothing doubtful or wrong in Holy Quran. Whoever want to get guidance, he/she is free to take.This book refreshes previously sent messages and some new messages are also there. However number of fresh orders is very less. Allah arranged a program for HIS creature and sent that program in the form of wahi towards first Prophet Adam. Allah HIMSELF says that his tradition does not change however if HE wants to replace any order HE has all authorities and powers. Whatever He sent, HIS messengers delivered in the same way, without any amendment. There was nothing from the will of messengers. After the death of messenger, his nation left following the true message and changed the scripture. Then Allah sent another messenger who corrected and guided people towards true path. This tradition of amendment and correction continued until the arrival of our Holy Prophet. Allah sent HIS last message through HIS final messenger Hadhrat Mohammad (May Allah bless him and his holy progeny with peace) . Allah says in HIS book, “surely we sent this message and surely we will keep it safe.” Centuries passed but there is not a change of even single dot or comma.

Quran Teaching for Children