Believing in all prophets is compulsory in Islam. Basic source of information were prophets. They delivered the messages of Allah to people in the best possible manner. All prophets were 100% on straight path. They performed their duties in the best possible manner. After the passage of any prophet , his followers mixed up their customs and their personal wishes with the message of God. For next generations the truth became hidden so Allah sent another messenger to guide HIS creature. Prophets were best creature of God. Lucky were those who found the time of messengers and followed them. Allah sent his last and final messenger Hadhrat Muhammad peace be upon him and his progeny .

Allah took the responsibility of saving HIS message on HIS own. This is one of the reason that Muslim believe that Holy Prophet Hardhat Muhammad peace be upon him and his progeny is the final and the last messenger of Allah. Now no new messenger will born. There will be no change in divine rules now. Whatever guidance Allah wanted to send to HIS creature, HE sent via our Holy Prophet. Even the Jesus will follow the messages provided by Hardhat Muhammad when He will come again. The Jesus peace be upon him will not bring any new message whenever he will arrive again as per quran For kids these informations are necessary as these are the basic beliefs for a Muslim. Doubt in the authenticity of any Prophet is not allowed. We don’t know exactly the numbers and names of all Prophets. It is said that one lakh and twenty four thousands prophets were sent  on this earth. The first one was Hardhat Adam peace be upon him and the last one was our Holy Prophet Hardhat Muhammad peace be upon him and his progeny.

We have collected few points from quran for kids, It is requested to teach them so that their belief will be on right way about messengers.

Since the arrival of first messenger till the last and final messenger, all were male. This was purely Allah’s decision we don’t know the reasons. It does not mean that there are some preferences to males or females are inferior . No difference in performing their respective duties.

No one can become prophet or messenger on his own. This is purely Allah’s work. It was only and only HIS own decision he selected the prophets and sent them on Earth. All prophets were by birth prophets even we can say that all prophets were prophets before their birth and will remain as prophet after death. All prophets are respected . Being a Muslim we are not allowed to differentiate. among prophets.

Prophets were representatives of God, whatever they told us was purely from Allah. They never gave any decision on their own. All their sayings were from Allah. It was impossible for any prophet to hide any order of Allah .  All prophets performed their duties well and conveyed all orders of Allah to people . Prophets were free from sin. Prophets are standard , whatever they did was right , whatever they told was true. Pois of a man can be measured in this way that how much he/ she is following the prophet. Following of prophets remained thumb rule . Now till the judgment day, every one should follow our Holy Prophet Peace be upon him and his progeny. Following Holy Prophet is following Allah actually. Disobeying prophet means disobeying Allah. Every act and every order of prophet is for following unless it is specified for prophet only.

We teach quran for kids and elders via skype, We also teach basic Islamic knowledge so that our next generation may become good Muslim.

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