Every person wants that there should be reward for good deeds and punishment for bad deeds. Logic also demands so. Since the beginning of world, all the courts or judging authorities work on this formula. Some people may raise the question that when the courts are working their jobs and they are deciding the disputes in best possible manner and their decisions are being implemented then why wait for another day for judgment?

The answer is simple . Do all the courts of law are working in the way as it is supposed to do so ? All the criminals are being punished or there are some criminals who deceive with their tricks? Of Course there are a lot of criminals who deceive the courts of law. Furthermore we can provide a long long list of criminals from history to support our claim. Halaku Khan, Changaiz khan, Hitler or Mussolini were never presented in front of any court of law. History tells us about a long list of criminals who were praised and admired by their courts for their criminal acts. What the logic say that these criminals should be punished or not ? Righteous logic will support the demand of punishment . This demand is known as QIYAMAH or The Judgment Day in Islamic teachings.

Quran tells us in different verses about The Judgment Day Quran insists on the occurrence of The Judgment Day so that a Muslim may avoid from bad deeds and do do good deeds.  A verse of surah Namal says that They ask about The Judgment Day, say them that it will come and it is near . When Holy Prophet preached the people asked that how we will be alive again once we are dead. Allah replied in Koran Karim in surah waqeah ayat number 47 to 50

they used to say,”When we will convert into bones and will decay into dust, You say that we will get a new life and our fathers who had died times ago and are part of dust of now, will  be alive again?  (My messenger ) inform them that surely one day you and your next and previous generations will gather to answer about their deeds, the time for that day is appointed.

Belief on The Judgment Day is not a hindrance. It is a motivated and initiative way to help others. Good deeds will be rewarded on The Judgment Day as per quran For kids this knowledge is very necessary. When you teach your kid to speak the truth or help others. You should tell your kid that everything is being noted in this world and on The Judgment Day you will be rewarded. There are rewards for obeying the parents.

Similarly there is punishment for bad deeds. Teach your kid that every bad deed is counted as sin and all will be answerable on The Judgment Day for their deeds. So we should not tease someone. We should not call someone with bad names. One may be in trouble if he / she do not respect his / her elders. Learn quran for kids and for your own. Please remember that practice is far more effective than sayings. If you do good deeds your kids will learn doing good.

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