Quran For Kids , Prophets names

Koran Karim mentions the name of following these prophets, and describes about few other prophets but does not name them. We believe the names as such as these are mentioned in the koran karim. We have mentioned the names of prophets from quran for kids we have written the English names too.
Adam A.S ( in English Adem)
Idris A.S ( in English Enoch)
Uzair A.S ( in English Ezra)
Ibrahim A.S ( in English Abraham)
Lut A.S ( in English Lot)
Ismail A.S ( in English Ishmael)
Is’haq A.S ( in English Isaac)
Yaqub A.S ( in English Jacob)
Ayoub A.S ( in English Job)
Yusuf A.S ( in English Joseph)
Yusa A.S ( in English Joshua)
Shuaib A.S ( in English Jethro)
Musa A.S ( in English Moses)
Harun A.S ( in English Aaron)
Dhul-Kifl A.S ( in English Ezekiel)
Dawud A.S ( in English David )
Samoel A.S ( in English Samuel)
Suleiman A.S ( in English Solomon )
Ilias A.S ( in English Elijah )
Alyasa A.S ( in English Elisha)
Younis A.S ( in English Jonah )
Zakaria A.S ( in English Zechariah )
Issa A.S ( in English Jesus)
Hadhrat Muhammad May Allah bless him and his holy progeny with peace.

We will discuss few stories of Prophets from Koran Karim

Prophet Ibrahim A.S is also named as Friend of Allah (Khail ullah). He is Father of 25000 Prophets. Our Holy Prophet Hadhrat Mohammad Peace be upon and his progeny himself said that he was one of the pray of Prophet Ibrahim. Allah has described him as being an Ummah in Koran Karim in sorah Nahal 16in ayat nubmer from 120 to 123. Jew-ism, Christianity and Islam all trace roots back to him. Most of the Muslims mention the name of Hadhrat Ibrahim AS  his progeny in prayers, at least 5 times a day.

Muslim Prophet names from quran for kids
Muslim Prophet names

Holy Prophet said that every child is born upon the nature. His parents make him a Jew or Christian etc. Learning is fundamental in human life. Success and failure depends on not only in this world but  also the way to heaven and hell depends upon the knowledge and acts under the learning. Now a days Muslims are far from the process of learning. Islam is the second largest religion of the world but there is no research, no invention . Neither they have passion to do it. Arab are rich due to oil wealth but a major portion of wealth is going to non Muslims due their knowledge . In under developed countries you may see numerous mosques but no laboratories. There are madaris from where scholars come out less and more are Chuckle-headed. Important necessity of today is education. Koran Karim says at numerous places to think, to consider , to use wisdom .

Muslims of today collectively do not follow these orders. They use Quran for Forgiveness of their dead dear ones only while it is for living ones too. Holy Prophet and his trained personalities implemented it in their daily life. They did business as per instructions of Koran Karim. We do business as the per instructions of Jews. We fear from future of this life but we do not fear from future of The Judgement day. Koran Karim orders to spend money for humanity while we reserve it in bank and survive on interest.

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam , read quran for kids , under stand quran for your own and follow quran for the Judgement day. We have arranged one to one quran learning classes . Charges are very minimal. We spend large amount of our earning in different ways lets spend just a cup of coffee too to learn quran. So that we can understand and follow it in proper way. For booking a class please fill out the form in contact us section.

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