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The retardation of the Muslims in previous couple of centuries, as so much as education cares, is owing to the subsequent reasons. The Muslims lost leadership within the field of natural science and technology owing to conceitedness that semiconductor diode to stag­nation. The invasion by the Mongols, WHO were barbarians and didn\’t appreciate the worth of knowledge: they burned down the foremost prestigious libraries in capital of Iraq. within the nineteenth century, once the Muslims tried to revive the method of education and information in their so­cieties, they naively tailored the western laic system that had utterly separated the religious education from the other education .  Turk­ish reformers of the last century are example of this behavior. The Muslim world continues to be suf­fering from the dissection between the re­ligious and laic sciences.

This issue goes back to the fundamental dif­ference between the Muslim and Chris­tian read of information. In Christianity, the Bible relates the autumn of man to the sin of stealing the fruit from the tree of knowledge; whereas, in Islam, the sacred writing describes information because the basis on that the person was given preference over the angels. Even traditionally, the Chris­tian church is choked with stories regarding its Inquisitors WHO expurgated the works of science and additionally tortured the scientists if they views were contrary to what the Bible aforesaid. Muslims have forgotten their book, quran for kids how they can be  their first good institute?

In Muslim history, no such institutionalized censorship or suppres­sion of scientists are often found. within the Muslim world, you discover the harmonious combination of the 2 varieties of knowl­edge. for instance, within the person of Ibn Sina, you had somebody WHO had written al-Isharat on philosophy and a book on health named as Al-Qanun-fi-Tib. Its Latin translation was used as a reference in previous centuries.

This dissection between the {religious|spiritual|non laic} and secular sciences is that the root of all the issues within the space of education for the Muslims world-wide. the best chal­lenge for the Muslims of the ordinal century is that the issue of the conveyance to­gether of the 2 sciences, {religious|spiritual|non laic} and secular, in such the way that information brings individuals nearer to God and offers desiring to the life on this earth. this is often not not possible as a result of traditionally the Muslims have done that within the past. Right from the times of  Muhammad al- Baqir (a.s.) until the down-fall of the Mus­lim empire.

The western science relies on ex­perimental methodology. Let American state simply quote one thing regarding the alchemy of Muslims from can Durant\’s The Story of Civilization,1 Muslim “developed scientific method that is that the greatest pride and power of the trendy mind. once man of science announced that methodology to Eu­rope, live hundred years once Jabir s/o Hayyan, had  his own lucency to the Moors of Espana, whose lightweight had return from the Muslim East.

But, for today, i\’d wish to in short examine this issue within the Western context and propose some concepts that hopefully would generate discussions within the work­shop this afternoon. What will we have a tendency to do to mix the reli­gions and laic education for Muslim youngsters in North America? There square measure 2 answers to those problems: a short-run and a semipermanent solution.

Education of Koran Karim should be given  at the fundamental Level Send our kids to the general public or pri­vate college for laic education; and for his or her non secular education, send them to the: Sunday colleges and summer pro­grams. this is often what we have a tendency to do at this stage of our settlement during this continent.
But this short-run answer isn\’t an entire answer, its still suffers from the matter of separating faith from science; faith from reality problems. If the oldsters don\’t implement what\’s schooled to the scholars at the Sunday colleges, then there\’s the danger that the scholar would possibly suffer from the ethic syndrome: behave as a Muslim in madrasa, house of God and religious meetings however. be­have as a “regular” with others.

Creation of full time Muslim colleges. this can offer The Muslim students with a virtuously Muslim atmosphere turning the peer pressure in favor of Islam instead of against Islam.
Secondly, a full time Muslim college would integrate the laic sciences with non secular sciences — science can became not solely a servant of man however additionally a way of serving Supreme Being .

At the current stage of our settlement, on this continent, we have a tendency to cannot {think of|consider|think regarding} constant answer for the advanced level or education as we have a tendency to bestowed about the fundamental level of education. Maybe, our fu­ture generations could explore the suggests that Associate in Nursing ways in that of creating an Muslim uni­versity which our students will study the supposed \’non-religious\’ sciences not as anti-religious however as a part of their \’reli­gious\’ outlook.
At the instant, however, our efforts ought to be targeting bridging the gap between the students and therefore the scien­tists on the intellectual and mental lev­els.  We have highly qualified staff for teaching quran for kids .  Join us to make your kids good Muslim.