Quran For Kids Education , Umair bin Sa’ad

Hadhrat Sa’ad  (Allah Has Pleased with him) along his son came towards Holy Prophet Hadhrat Muhammad (May Allah bless him and his holy progeny with peace) . Hadhrat Sa’ad  (Allah Has Pleased with him ) accepted Islam along one of his kids for quran they showed such obedience that they became symbols of practice . Name of that obedient son is Umair bin Sa’ad. After accepting Islam whole life style of Umair bin Sa’ad was completely changed. He became a true follower of Holy Prophet. He spent his whole life in the obedience of Allah and His Holy Prophet. He always attend the Salat in first row. Similarly he remained in the front row during the battles which he attended. He never showed lethargy in following the Islamic rules. He devoted his whole life for Islam. He was very kind to creature of Allah. He was popular among his friends and relatives due his humble nature. This all was due to his strong belief in Allah , pure heart , kind nature and humbleness.

“ If this man is true than we are worst than donkeys “ this was the statement of a man , whose name was Jullas bin soe’yad . Speaker was the relative of Hadhrat Umair bin Sa’ad  (Allah Has Pleased with him )  . Whole life of Hadhrat Umair bin Sa’ad  (Allah Has Pleased with him )  is witness that he never preferred anything on Islam or Holy Prophet. Tabouk war was going to held in upcoming days and people were preparing their weapons and other equipment for traveling. Jullas was not doing any thing which showed his intention to contribute in the war. When Hadhrat Umair bin Sa’ad  (Allah Has Pleased with him )  encouraged Jullas for war preparation and in return he had to listen such sentence. This sentence was not spoken for any common personality. Jullas pointed out Holy Prophet. Heart of Hadhrat Umair bin Sa’ad  (Allah Has Pleased with him )  became full with sorrow, pain and anger on this ridiculous and Insulting sentence.

Jullas was one those people who accepted Islam verbally. His heart was not fully satisfied. He became sorrowful as a person who claimed being muslim and he has such thoughts about Holy Prophet, pain in this way that Jullas was his relative and was very near to him, and anger in this way that insult of Holy Prophet was unbearable . He was among those who preferred their blood on the sweat of Holy Prophet. This was one to one discussion and Hadhrat Umair bin Sa’ad  (Allah Has Pleased with him )  was confused. Either he should inform Holy Prophet about the views of Jullas about him or just leave Jullas as it was. credence and trust is one of Islamic teachings. If he informed holy prophet about Jullas views, it would be tryst killing as talks are also a part of trust and breaking of trust is a sin. If he neglected Jullas talks it was a heavy burden on his soul that he knew about his originality and other simple Muslims still considered him as a true Muslim. Furthermore he took an oath with Holy Prophet that he would follow him in all matters, it was part of his belief that Holy Prophet was more precious than whole world, not only his wealth or relatives but also more precious than his own life.

He made a decision and said to Jullas like an honest and trustworthy Muslim ,” O Jullas By God you are most liked and most favorite from rest of my companions. You have done a lot of good deeds for me. It is very painful for me that anyone tease you . But you have expressed such views that if I open  the secrecy of talk which you have done with me , it will be painful for you and If I conceal this talk , it will be dangerous for my belief. I consider that my religion has more right than your relationship. So I am saving my belief and I will inform Holy Prophet about your views for him.”

In this way Hadhrat Umair bin Sa’ad  (Allah Has Pleased with him )  gave a chance to Jullas to revert about his blender mistake and seek forgiveness from Allah. He was not ashamed than as he tried his best to show the right path to Jullas. His heart was satisfied that he was not doing backbiting. But Jullas remained confident on his views, he was not ashamed. so Hadhrat Umair bin Sa’ad  (Allah Has Pleased with him )  stood saying “ I am going to inform Holy Prophet about this matter . I fear if Allah informed his messenger via ayahs of Koran Karim about this matter , I might be considered as a partner in your sinful act. “

Hadhrat Umair bin Sa’ad  (Allah Has Pleased with him ) informed whole discussion to Holy Prophet. He called for Jullas and asked to clear the situation. Jullas refused to take his statement . He solemnly refused about this. Allah sent ayahs of Koran Karim which expressed the reality that Jullas was lying. If he and any other like him seeks forgiveness , Allah is merciful and kind and if they don’t do so they will suffer badly in this world and hereafter. When Jullas found that Allah has conveyed the reality to His messenger and there are chances for open forgiveness for him. He immediately admitted his sin and seek forgiveness. He accepted Islam from the depths of Heart. Jullas may Allah be pleased with him remained a true companion of Holy Prophet till death. Holy Prophet encouraged Hadhrat Umair bin Sa’ad  (Allah Has Pleased with him ) .

We will discuss the character of Hadhrat Umair bin Sa’ad  (Allah Has Pleased with him ) further in next lecture. We have arranged online teaching of quran for kids. Join us to educate yourselves and your children.