Quran For Kids Education, lecture 2

We request for new readers please read our first part to understand properly as it is the presentation of an audio lecture in written form.  We have given several lecture to spread the education of quran for kids.

Being in step with self-reproach and turning back to God,and troubled to realize sincerity is formed easier by being on a path of religious struggle. In different words on a path of purifying our hearts. Here area unit some things we are able to do,

1. interact within the remembrance of God. The remembrance of God polishes the center and grants it peace.

“Indeed within the remembrance of God do hearts notice peace.” Qur’an 13:28

This remembrance should adhere with apocalyptical observe because the Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be peace) was the simplest worshipper and our guide in these matters. {when we tend to|once we tend to|after we} interact within the remembrance of God we should be consistent and apprehend what we area unit spoken communication. considerably we tend to should become what we tend to area unit spoken communication, our hearts should yearn and feel the utterances we tend to build.

2. Recite the Quran for kids. Reciting the book of God heals our hearts and softens them to receive His mercy and steerage. As God says,

“And we tend to rusticate of the Qur’an that that is healing and mercy for the believers” Koran Karim 17:82

“This [Qur’an] is enlightenment for human beings and steerage and mercy for nation United Nations agency area unit sure [in faith].” Qur’an 45:20

3. replicate on the Qur’an. The additional we tend to replicate on the words of God the additional our hearts become unfastened to receive His steerage and mercy.

“Will they not, then, muse over this Qur’an? – or area unit there locks upon their hearts?” Qur’an 47:24

4. Supplicate to God. he’s the One United Nations agency controls our hearts thus raise and beg God to purify and soften our hearts.

5. decision folks to God. By with compassion tantalising folks to Islam we tend to spiritually elevate ourselves as God says,

“And United Nations agency may well be higher of speech than he United Nations agency calls [his fellow-men] unto God, and will what’s simply and right, and says, ‘Verily, i’m of these United Nations agency have relinquished themselves to God’?” Koran Karim 41:33

6. Keep sensible company. we tend to area unit social beings. we tend to area unit plagued by peer pressure and external social influences. There area unit such a lot of apocalyptical traditions that encourage sensible friendship. The book of God explains to US the blessings of pious friendly relationship. In chapter eighteen of the Qur’an, God mentions the folks of the cave. The story involves some youth and a dog. These youth were distressed by the theism that was rising in their city and that they wished to be saved from such darkness and corruption. They wished to affirm Allah’s unity. As a results of their need to be folks of pure theism God saved them by inserting them in an exceedingly cave. However, the story conjointly includes a dog that was within the cave with them. thus why mention the dog? One may argue it’s not a necessary a part of the story. but if we tend to scratch the surface and replicate deeper we discover gems of knowledge. The dog in distinction to the human is seen as a lowly animal, but God saved the dog as a result of it happened to be with pious those who yearned for God and Affirmed His unity. Therefore, God is teaching US a profound lesson: if God will save a lowly animal simply because it happened to be with sensible company, imagine what He will do to you if you’ve got pious companions?

After the lecture associate yank woman approached Maine and she or he aforementioned aforementioned that she wished to become a Muslim. Her friends had told her what Islam is and she or he was tearful and wished to like God and receive His love. I told her to unlock the door she had closed that prevented her from establishing that amative relationship. God has given US power and He cannot force US to like Him. I told her that since she believes God is unambiguously One, and is that the solely Being warrant worship, which the Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be peace) is His final traveler then she ought to embrace Islam. I merely told her that if you wish to fall loving with God which you’ve got a powerful intention to worship Him she ought to unlock the door she has closed and receive Divine mercy. She began to cry and embraced Islam, AL-ham-dou-lilah

We have arranged teaching of quran for kids of Muslim brothers and sisters in United States . Join us at your desired time.  (perfect feeling and every one thanks belongs to Allah)

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