Quran for kids , Study 2

We teach holy Quran for kids via skype. Join us to learn koran Karim. Just visit our homepage and book a class. In our last lecture, we discussed that Muslim have left following the rules of Allah since centuries and results are in front of our eyes. This disaster is not by chance. It is the fruit of worklessness, Sloth, and lethargy. There are 56+ Muslim populated countries but even not a single one is included in the list of civilized — countries. If we have a look on the annual GDP of all countries of the world. We will find Muslim countries at the top if we start reading from the bottom. Do you think that it is not the matter of shame??? Muslims have the best code of life but their situation is worst. Some of you might say that Arab countries are rich , Middle East is rich after selling their own asset i.e Crude Oil. There is not a single laboratory doing research in any field. Japan was damaged during second world war and now Japan is again at the top. China got liberation in 1949 and you will find countless items which are prepared in China . A major portion of world economy  is captured by Chinese in just half century. Muslim leaders are busy in doing research of finding new ways of luxury. Religious leaders are doing research of finding the ways of declaring others as non-Muslims. No one is ready to pay the attention to the survival of generations. Common public has very less moral values. More than 90 % Muslims are just paper Muslim. They don’t have any moral values. If they are following any values, those values are cultural only . Those are not true Islamic values. People memorize 6666 ayahs of Holy Quran but don’t follow .

Islam is the second name of helping others, peace . You will not find this in practice in major Muslim populated countries. Truthfulness,Justice and supporting the right are extinct. More than 90% Muslims are morally sick. When too much people of any nation are corrupt then it is not  possible that nation can grow in a positive way and make a distinct status. Righteous, Honest and noble  are considered as stupid. Advices to stop someone from evil or advice to improve the positive functionality of some one are unbearable. Instead of supporting the Righteous and Honest, People Selected corrupt, dishonest and liars as their representatives. That representatives performed their jobs very well. They instigated public against each other . They irritated too much that Muslim forgot their basic duty . Instead of being representative of peace , they became notorious. This wave is not the result of any sudden change , it is fruit of  different factors which were damaging the Islamic system like termite . We have to reap this now.

However, we will not reap it if we step forward and connect ourselves with Koran Karim. I am not depressed nor I want to make you depressed. I just want to make you awake. I know very well that journey is long and hard and the destination is far. However if we start one day it will end we will avail our target. Even if we will not be able to attain our goal with perfection, at least, our new generations will get guidance from our footprints. We have to spread the education of Quran for kids it will be the best syllabus. We have to complete our commitment that we are true obedient of Allah and the true followers of His final messenger Hadhrat Muhammad Peace be upon him and his holy progeny with blessings.

If we will work with honesty, we will show our sincerity with our job, if we are a student we will study with hard work, we will spend for the welfare of humanity either it is our wealth or it is our health or it is our time. If we prove ourselves peaceful and beneficial to society then our sayings will gain weight. Then our pieces of advice from stopping the evils and the pieces of advice for supporting the others in positive matters will not irritate others. If we do not change our attitude, Allah is far away from desires He will create other creature who will be able to obey His principles.