Quran for kids , Study

We have arranged online teaching of Quran for kids and elders. Please join us in our mission of spreading the knowledge of Koran Karim. All praises are for God. Who has created us and bestowed us with wisdom with the help of which we can differentiate between bad and good. He sent HIS messengers towards us so that they may teach us His directions, Uncounted blessing on Prophets who told us the right way.

. This world is not a collection of chances. It is created by the lord of lords, the real Lord. He has all powers and authorities. He has solid rules, the whole universe is working under His rules. Neither He works indiscriminately nor His rules provide a second chance. You can’t make a figure by verbal and idle talks. If you are not following his rules, you will be in loss. He has His own Permanent law, Strongly Regulations and Solid rules. He is moving this universe under His self-developed principles. His laws are applied on the sun, moon and earth etc Similarly human beings, animals and plants etc are also bound. There is no one who Has exemption.

Birth of young ones, death of older ones, Childhood and elder age all is under His specific rules. Sickness and health, breathing and digestion are not beyond the limits of His principles. Similarly, there are specific rules for Development  And  Demotion of nations. If we believe that we can not breathe from eyes and can not take the work of hand from ear stating that it is against nature , then we must admit that no nation can become civilized and Advanced without inventions. And inventions are results of research and research gives fruit after continuous hard work. If a non-Muslim feels fire as hot then a Muslim will also find it as hot. It will not be cool for a Muslim. Principles of Allah are same for all. It is very childish behavior that Muslim don’t work hard and expect for miracles. The first word of Allah’s message is an order to read. Muslims collectively have forgotten that order since centuries and results are open to the whole world. The Muslim nation is under a gradual and continuous loss of strength. For booking a class of reading Holy Quran for kids please visit our home page.

It is not the comparison it is  common sense. This universe is a creature of Allah. If you are the owner of a land and you will not like the persons who want to damage it then why we think that Allah will like us if we are going to damage his universe. Instead of facilitating the lives of others we try to wind one a bonny pirn and think that Allah will like us.Why Will He like us ??? If we say that we are the nation of Holy Prophet Hardhat Muhammad Peace be upon him and his holy progeny with blessings then what is our portion in this matter? It is the pure blessing of Allah that we are the follower of Holy Prophet Hardhat Muhammad Peace be upon him and his holy progeny with blessings. Jews believe that they are the best creature of Allah and they remained in this illusion for centuries. While practically they were slaves. Allah says in Holy Quran that He Virtue them in the universe but Jews proved themselves unable of this discrimination. They continuously broke the laws of Allah. They lived life against His wishes even they started to say that He has a son and His son will recommend forgiveness from all sins on the Judgement day. Even if they will enter the hellfire, they will go for a minor time period. Same illusion has the Muslims now. They think that they are followers of Holy Prophet Hardhat Muhammad so they have an exemption. They have no need to follow the universal rules. My religion fellows Allah Has not given any exemption to anyone . His rules are fixed and unchanged. The nation who want to proceed in the life must have to follow the rules and principles set by Allah.