Quran for kids , lect.3

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The word Taqwa comes from the basis waqaya which suggests ‘to safeguard’ or ‘to abstain’. within the Muslim nomenclature it\’s outlined because the action of restraining oneself from disobeying the commands of Allah . it\’s expressed that Submission to the command God and don\’t go close to the prohibited acts so that one ought to endeavor to meet all the commands of Allah. Due to this he will abstain himself from the prohibited things. On the idea of this, Taqwa is assessed into 2 types:

The first kind of Taqwa consists of obligatory obedience to Allah in fulfilling the obligatory duties (Wajibāt) and not deed even one duty unstaged. The obligatory commands (Wajibāt) ar those that, if not meted out, invite the wrath of Allah . Also, as so much as attainable one ought to attempt to not forgo the counseled acts (Mustahabbāt). The counseled acts ar those, that if performed earn blessings however if not meted out don\’t create one chargeable for penalty.

Certain larger Sins (Gunah al-kabira) render the constructive deeds for oneself own and for society.. In brief, it should be mentioned that to refrain from sins is additional necessary than acting smart deeds. the subsequent narrations ar quoted in support of this statement:

Abstaining From the Prohibited acts is also important, To refrain from consumption one morsel of Harām is, near Allah, additional valued than the performance of 2 thousand rakats of counseled prayer.

Strive additional to perform smart deeds. but if you can\’t perform a decent act (at least) don\’t refuse the orders of God. Suppose some one lays the inspiration of a building and doesn\’t spoil it, then, Either the progress is fast or sluggish , the building will certainly construct as a result.

Abstaining and refraining from sins remains fruitful and results in the formation of a foremost pious worshiper. If you Adorn yourself with righteousness.

Hence if you reach remaining off from sins, then although your smart deeds ar paltry, they might be accepted by the Lord. And once the Lord of the Worlds accepts a deed it can\’t be termed as trifle or paltry.

I am giving you an example. You may know about the Process of refrigeration. It is is a simple procedure . All refrigerators work  in a cycle. There are  four key steps, first step is  the evaporation,  second step is the condensing, third step is the compression and the last one is throttle valving. portable ice maker works the same way. With the advancement in technology  energy consumption is being reduced and the focus is on finding the ways to minimize the time duration of functioning and obviously the output must be more.

If we work in the way of Allah.It also works in cycle. We do favor with some one. Apparently we are wasting our energy and time as the needy may not be able to repay us. However we are participating our part in the construction of a good society. In return society will pay us. Even society is unable to repay due to any reason. We will be rewarded on the judgement day .