Story of Yousaf a.s 5 from Quran for kids

Quran for kids can prove a beacon. However, its light will enlight their hearts if we will present practical examples. Quran recitation will lead us and following Quran will make us a good example. We were discussing the fourth part of the story of Yousaf a.s

. According to plan , at the time of departure, Yousuf a.s ordered his servant to keep the measuring pan in the sac of his real brother. When caravan departed, Yousaf a.s said to his servant to stop the caravan. He stopped them and asked about the pan. Quran Karim describes the situation, ” one caller yelled in loud sound and asked that we are unable to find our measuring pan.” They replied that we were the progeny of Prophets. We were not thieves. You treated us in a good manner. We could not steal your pan. The servants of Yousaf a.s asked for searching.

They agreed. They started searching the sacs of all persons one by one. In the end, they searched the sac of the real brother of Yousaf a.s. Pan was there. They showed them proudly that you guys were saying that you were not thieves and you could observe that pan was recovered from the sac of your fellow. They said that we were doubtful only in his matter. It was not surprising to us as his brother was also a thief. Yousaf a.s controlled his anger, instead of being irritated he behaved with patience. He inquired about the punishment of thief in ur area. They replied that the thief had to became a slave for one year. Then Yousuf a.s said that according to ur laws, this person would stay here and you might leave.

The elder brother was ashamed and worried about his oath. They called a meeting to resolve this issue. Elder brother said that you did wrong in the matter of Yousuf a.s and now I would not go back to home without this brother. Koran Karim states that They decided to request Yousaf a.s to select any one of them as a slave and to make him free. They requested Yousuf a.s that our father was very old and we found you kind. So please change ur decision. Keep anyone of us instead of him. Yousaf a.s refused to do so. He said that it was inappropriate to punish the innocent and to leave the sinner. They decided to live there and to request for mercy again however they sent one brother along other members of the a caravan so that they might inform the whole situation to their father. Caravan reached back and described the whole situation. Yaqob a.s did not believe them . He said that You did wrong in the matter of Yousaf a.s and now you were again presenting lame excuses. He said that his matter was with Allah and HE would do best.

Yousaf a.s treated well his brother, then he asked,”Do you remember what you did to Yousaf?” They asked either he was Yousaf. He admitted that he was Yousaf. They were ashamed, Yousaf a.s forgave them. He behaved with an open heart. He advised them to seek forgiveness from Allah. Then Yousaf a.s asked about his father. They told that he wept in your memory too much that he became blind. He became weak and old. Yousaf a.s ordered to bring all family members to Egypt. He gave a lot of grains for the people of his area. He gave his shirt and said to put his shirt on the face of his father. When one of his brothers started his travel back to home, Yousaf a.s advised to place his shirt toward their home direction. As the caravan started, Yauqob a.s said that he was feeling the smell of Yousaf a.s. He said that you guys considered me old and funky. but it was a fact that he was feeling the smell of Yousaf. Yauqob a.s said that whatever knowledge he had from his Lord, they could not know. Caravan reached there and he placed his shirt on the face of his father. With the command of Allah, Jacob a.s became able to see again. He thanked God for HIS blessings. All family members moved towards Egypt. Yousaf a.s welcomed them outside of the Egypt.
It was not the welcome of a father only. It was the welcome of a Prophet from a Prophet. Both were thanking God. Both were weeping. Then both were laughing. Both were happy. Then one was laughing and one was weeping, then the second one was laughing and first was weeping. When this caravan entered Egypt, it was an amazing scene. Yauqob a.s was looking most beautiful and prominent. People were impressed by his personality. Then Yauqob a.s said that this was the interpretation of your dream. All bow down in front of Allah.

Dear kids today the story of Yousaf a.s from Quran ended today. All the stories discussed in Quran are not just stories. There are some morals and lessons in each story. some points are here for your attention.

1-parents love their kids. Irrespective of their gender, color or outlook. This love is always equal . Allah kept this tendency in all parents by default. However if someone notes that his/her parents give more attention to his brother/ her sister more, this is due to some reasons usually, this is due to their obedience. their good character .

2-Jealousy is the base of hate and crimes. Yousaf a.s suffered due to jealousy of his brothers.

3- whatever the situation is, the obedience of Allah should be at first priority. Yousaf a.s preferred prison but he did not break the limit fixed by Allah.

4-All powers are in Allah’s hand. A prophet can become a slave. A prisoner can become a minister and in the end as King.

5- A prophet can be too sick to blind and An old sick and blind man can get his health and eyesight again.

Whatever Allah tells us is not for fun. There are always morals for us . If we follow the prophet and obey Allah and behave patiently we will be blessed. May Allah give us Strength to obey HIM and follow the sunnah of HIS messenger.