Story of Yousaf a.s 4 from Quran for kids

Quran for kids is leading light if we want to make them good Muslims. Sayings have less effect while doing has more impact. If we do Quran recitation on the daily basis, our kids will follow us. Today we will discuss the second last part of the story of Prophet Yousaf a.s from Quran for kids.

Yousaf a.s told that there would be good rain, nice weather for upcoming consecutive years. There would be an abundance of crops, fruits, grass and grains for animals and for human beings. For next seven years, there would be fewer rains or even no rain. There would be very fewer crops,grass. There would be starvation for seven years. He went in the court of the King and explained the interpretation . All courtiers were surprised and impressed. The king called him in his court. He asked the solution for this upcoming disaster. Yousaf a.s suggested them to extract the grain from their coatings according to demand and to keep the rest grain in their natural coatings.

The king was very impressed by his knowledge. He inquired the details why he was in prison. Yousaf a.s told him all details. He collected all witnesses and proofs. It became clear that Yousaf a.s was innocent and blame was fake. Then the wife of the minister also admitted that it was her fault. Yousaf a.s was innocent and she herself was seducing him but he remained stable on his piety. The king offered him to make him a minister. Yousaf a.s selected the department which deals with revenue collection. At that time, the major source of revenue was the taxes on farmers only. There was heavily mismanagement in that department, farmers worked hard but authorities confiscated their hard earned crops. Instead of reaching that revenue in government Treasury , this revenue was misappropriated by government officials. Yousaf a.s removed corruption in the system. In this way , farmers became richer as they had to pay the specified tax only. Similarly, government Treasury became more strong due to proper collection of taxes. All were happy with the performance of Yousaf a.s.

Quran Kareem discusses that Seven years of good weather with the abundance of crops, grass, fruits and rains passed. Yousaf a.s stored a lot of grains in their natural coating. The reason behind this was, keeping the grains in coating increases its shelf life. There are fewer chances of bugs attack . This strategy is still in process though nowadays most people use chemicals to store grains. Dried seven years started and the best management of Yousaf a.s showed its results. Yousaf a.s personally took care of the treasury to sell the grains. He charged minimal profit and he distributed free too among poor. Starvation was not limited to Egypt , it captured surrounding areas. Only Yousaf a.s had Stock. People from nearby areas came to there to buy grains. Yousaf a.s was very kind, he gave more to the people of far areas. He knew well that travelling was hard . , Starvation also hit the area of Yaqob a.s , father of Yousaf a.s. the news came that there were some grains in Egypt and ruler was selling that grain at minimal profit. He sent his 10 sons along other people of his area. They reached Egypt . Yousaf a.s recognized them that they were his brothers. He treated them well, however, he did not introduce himself as their brother. They were impressed by his hospitality. He asked did they had any other brother. They replied that there was one more brother. Yousaf a.s said to take him along them next time. These 10 were his step-brothers while that one was the real brother. They said that it was purely in their father’s hand. They would request, if he agreed, they would bring him. Quran karim describes his statement that He further said that if they would not bring that brother along them, he would not give them anything. If they wanted to take grains next time, they must had to bring that brother too. Yousuf a.s ordered his servants to place back the money in the goods of his brothers. The reason behind that was that he knew well that his father was a prophet and he might understand that ruler was his own son. Off course no one gives in such a way, it is a routine that whenever people spend something, they do publicity. while the appreciated way is the hidden way. If I am doing help and I do it secretly, dignity and self-respect of the recipient will sustain. If I do it openly , there are great chances that recipient will be grateful. The dangerous thing which can ruin all of my efforts is that I may develop pride. Dear kids , remember that pride is only for Allah. It is specific only for HIM. Whatever we have, it is the blessing of our Lord so how we can become proud? Devil felt proud and was cursed. Being proud is not the status of a Muslim. May Allah save us from this big sin.

Koan Karim tells us that Brothers of Yousaf a.s reached back, they told Yauqob a.s that ruler was demanding to bring this brother along them. Yauqob a.s refused. They told him that they needed grains for survival. The only condition to take grains is that we had to take this brother along us. Yauqob a.s reminded them that they claimed to guard Yousaf while they failed to fulfill their responsibility.After their insist, Yauqob a.s agreed and took an oath that they will not come back home without this brother.

Travel started and 11 brothers of Yousaf a.s along some other people of his tribe. They reached Egypt and Yousaf a.s served good food and hosted them in a good manner. He introduced himself to his real brother and inquired about his father. Both brothers were waeping on this separation however they were grateful to their Lord who blessed them and gathered them again.

Quran recitation is easy the only thing required is intention which unfortunately is absent. May Allah give us chances to recite HIS true message and follow it