Story of Yousaf a.s 3 from Quran for kids

Quran for kids is a nice collection of sayings, these sayings can prove a beacon light to convert them in a good man. The only thing needed is that we should follow Nobel Quran. Because we are the first school of learning. Whatever we do , it will engrave on the plain minds of kids. let’s start the third part of the story.

Quran Kareem tells us that Yousaf a.s was in prison and he met two prisoners there. They observed him that he remained busy in worshipping Allah . Yousaf a.s was very humble and co-operative with others. All the staff of jail and other prisoners were impressed by his personality and good moral behaviour. One day they saw a dream. They discussed their dream and asked for the interpretation. One of them saw that he was squeezing wine and the second person saw that he was holding a pot fill of pieces of bread on his head and birds were snatching the bread. Allah blessed Yousaf a.s with the knowledge of interpretation of dreams. We all see dreams, it is a natural thing. The difference between our dreams and the dreams of prophets is that the dreams of all prophets were always true. While our dreams can be true, wrong or just a baseless dream. First of all , Yousuf a.s preached them. Yousaf a.s called them towards Allah. He said that he would tell the interpretation before the serving of their daily meal.

Quran Karem tells us that basic purpose of prophets was calling people towards Allah. Yousuf a.s described ¬†that this knowledge was given to him by Allah and he was separate from the people who were pagans. They asked about his religion. Yousaf a.s said that he was the follower of his forefathers, who were on the true path from their Lord. He told that he was the follower of Ibrahim,ishaq—. They asked,” which one is the good religion?” Yousaf a.s replied if you used your wisdom. You could know that being the follower of One true God was far better than being the follower of numerous fake gods. These were just names which you and your forefathers had just fabricated. You made your gods with your hands and worshipped them while these gods were unable to give you any benefit.

Then Yousuf a.s told them the interpretation of their dreams. He said that The person who saw himself squeezing wine would be appointed again on his duty. While the person who saw that birds were snatching bread from the basket , he would be hanged and birds would tear his head, eyes,flash , and brain. Same happened, After some days , one of them was hanged and his body was served to wild birds and they ate his head, eyes,flesh and brain. The second one was appointed again as head waiter. He forgot to mention the name of Yousaf a.s. Time passed and one day the king saw a dream that there were seven healthy cows and there were seven weak cows. Weak cows were eating healthy cows. He also saw in the same dream that there were seven green bunches of grains and seven dried bunches. He saw that seven dried bunches were eating seven green bunches.

The king explained his dream in his court and asked for the interpretation. They were surprised on such dream. They admitted that they were unable to interpret it. Then the person who was co-prisoner of Yousaf a.s remembered Yousaf a.s. He said to his king that there was a person named Yousaf who might interpret this dream. King asked him who was he and where he was. He told the whole story that they were in jail and he and other person saw a dream. they asked for interpretation and whatever Yousaf a.s told, exactly the same happened. He went jail and told about the dream of the king and excused for his mistake. Yousaf a.s asked about the ladies who cut their hands by seeing the face of Yousaf a.s. Then Yousuf a.s told the interpretation.
Insha Allah we will carry on Quran recitation and discussion of the story of Yousaf a.s in our next session. May Allah give us chances to follow Holy Quran in its true sense.

written by Saqib Zaid