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Story of Yousaf a.s From Quran For Kids

Quran for kids is a nice way of teachings. The teachings of the Koran  Kareem will boost their moral character.  Yousuf a.s (In English know as Josef ) is one of the messengers of Allah. Yusuf (peace be upon him)  is the son of Yaqoob (peace be upon him) (In English know as Jacob ). There is a complete Surah in Nobel Quran in his name. The name of that surah is Surah Yousuf and the number of that Surah in Koran Kareem is 12.

There are many stories related his personality however the most reliable are only those which Allah tells us in Quran Karim. Yusuf (peace be upon him) said to his father “I saw a dream that 11 Stars, Moon, and the Sun are bowing down in front of me.” Youqob (peace be upon him) was a prophet, He considered the interpretation of that dream so he said to Yusuf (peace be upon him),” Please do not discuss this dream with you Brothers. Devil is our clear enemy and I fear that your brothers may harm you under the influence of the devil.” Yusuf (peace be upon him) was very obedient and good looking. It is stated that Allah kept half beauty of this universe in Yusuf (peace be upon him) alone and rest half has distributed among whole human beings. Yaqoob (peace be upon him) told him that Allah might select him as a messenger, HE would teach you the knowledge to interpret the dreams. Time passed and Yousaf a.s grew up more. Still he was a child but his obedience was speechless. His father loved him very much. It is a fact that all prophets remained nice throughout their whole life. No prophet involved in sinful acts during any time of his life.

One day , his brothers said to Yaqob a.s to send him along them outside. He refused to do so as he knew well that his sons were jealous with Yousaf (peace be upon him). They insisted and said that they would defend him in the case of any trouble. They said that he was their brother and they loved him too. After insisting, Youqob a.s permitted them to take him outside of town however he was doubtful. when Yousuf (peace be upon him) and his brothers reached far away from their area, according to plan they threw him in a well and placed some blood on his shirt. They returned home, they were weeping . They said that wolf attacked Yousuf (peace be upon him) and killed him and ate his body. To support their statement , they presented his shirt which was spotted with goat blood. Youqob (peace be upon him) saw that shirt was complete, there were no signs of tearing. He asked how clever was that wolf that he ate the whole body of Yousaf (peace be upon him) and left his shirt safe without any scratches. He did not believe  them. Furthermore, Yaqob a.s knew well that animals,plants,stones and predator recognized prophets well . It’s never possible that any predator could attack a prophet. Human beings have two choices. Either they want to follow the prophets or they differ the teachings of prophets. Animals, plants, stones, and predator etc can not do so.

It is stated in traditions that Youqob (peace be upon him) ordered them to capture that wolf and to present in front of  him.  They went out ad captured a wolf and poured some blood on wolf’s muzzle. Youqob a.s asked that why did he eat Yousuf (peace be upon him). It is stated that wolf replied that he was innocent in this matter. He was wandering in search of food and his sons captured him and accused of the sin which he even could not think. Yaqob a.s gave some meat to wolf and made him free. This statement is from Jewish traditions. Quran has not verified it . Though it is not impossible however I try my best to remain limited with Quranic verses and sayings of our Holy Prophet (May Allah bless him and his holy progeny).

Youqob a.s said that he was leaving this matter to Allah. HE had all authorities and HE HIMSELF would create an atmosphere that he could meet Yousaf. He started weeping after saying this too. Youqob a.s preached his nation as usual and in free time, he wept in memory of his son. He constructed a home where he spent his free time in weeping in memory of Yousaf a.s. He wept too much to lost his vision.

If we make Quran recitation our habit, It will give us wisdom, peace, and satisfaction. The story is continued and Insha Allah we tell you more in next post.