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Saleh a.s Story from Quran for kids

Quran for kids tells us many ways of proper bringing up. We can bring up our kids as true Muslims if we do Quran Recitation on a regular basis.  Allah says in Noble Quran that HE appointed Saleh a.s as a prophet and ordered him to move towards his nation. Saleh a.s started preaching the message of Allah. He declared that Allah had appointed him as a prophet and there was no Lord except Allah.

The place where his nation was living, was the area, where the nation of Hood a,s lived in the past. Due to their bad acts, Allah destroyed that nation. When the nation of Saleh a.s reached there, they started living there. They reconstructed their homes and reset their forms. Plenty of green grass and pure water increased their cattle herds many folds, they became wealthy and healthy. Good food, nice environment and economic prosperity resulted in more kids too. Their population increased manifold. At that time, human population was very less and the tribe who had more population was considered as more powerful. Nowadays, the situation is different, today the nation who is Advance in science and technology is considered as more powerful. Muslims are one nation so dear kids you should focus more and more on your studies. If you will study in a good manner, you will be successful. When you will be successful then your nation will be successful. In this way, you will be blessed in this world and on the judgement day too. right???

In reply of his preach, they made some questions and asked some arguments. If the matter remained till arguments and questions, it was fine. Allah has all knowledge and he always guided HIS creature. Many people asked questions from our Holy Prophet too and he replied. Some of the questions are mentioned in Holy Quran too. They demanded to show some Supernatural thing. Saleh a.s asked which type of Supernatural thing they wanted to see. They discussed each other and demanded that  a she-camel should come out from that big stone. After emerging from that stone, that she-camel would give birth to an offspring. Allah sent an angel towards Saleh a.s, he informed that Allah accepted their demand however Allah had ordered to make a commitment. Take an oath that neither they would  tease that she-camel nor they would tease her offspring in any way. They would not consume anything from that she-camel however they might consume  milk of that she-camel.

If they will break this oath, they will be in trouble. Saleh a.s took the oath and prayed. Allah accepted his pray and according to their demand, that stone busted and a she-camel came out and gave birth too. It is stated that she-camel was very beautiful and powerful. There were seven tribes in his Nation. There was a Fountain of natural sweet drinking water. All that 7 tribes got water from that Fountain for their own necessities and for their cattle. Whenever that she-camel reached there, all other animals evacuate that place. Allah called that she-camel in  Quran Kareem as ” she-camel of Allah”. Allah knows well what were grounds behind that, maybe animals evacuated the fountain due to fear or due to respect. Apparently it seems that it was due to respect because all living organisms are on the straight path by default. Only human beings have a choice of belief or reject, admit or disobey. People came towards Saleh a.s and complained about the situation. They complained that their cattle were remaining thirsty and were going week day by day due to that she-camel. It was decided that one day they would get the water from that fountain and on the other day was for that she-camel. The day which was fixed for she-camel was also fixed as the day when They would get milk of she-camel too. Coran Karim tells us,” one day is for you and one day is for she-camel.”
Time passed and one day some people, who were not the follower of Saleh a.s, made a plan to kill that she-camel. It is stated that the name of the leader was Qadar bin self. Some people were reluctant in taking such step. However, he encouraged others and claimed that he would be in front. One day, she-camel was drinking water. He threw an arrow and injured her. As she felt down, qadar quickly moved ahead and cut her feet by his sword. Then he killed that she-camel. It is stated that offspring of that she-camel ran away and hid in space of the stone from where her mother came out. Allah informed Saleh a.s about their bad act. He was a prophet and no prophet wanted to push his nation in hell. People move away from prophet’s calling. He met qadar bin self and his companions. He informed them, a final message that you guys had broken your oath and you have a life limit of only three days from now. They made fun of him and asked about the signs of torment. Saleh a.s informed that your color will change and there would be a huge sound and you all would die due to that sound.
They arranged cotton  in huge amount and filled it in their ears and wrapped it around their heads too. With the command of Allah, Saleh a.s left that area and along his companions migrated towards another place and lived his rest life there.

On the second day, their body color changed, they understood that their time came but they were so rebellious that they were not ready to repent. They covered themselves in cotton coverings and hid along their families in a big pit. On the Third day, Allah sent an angel and he shouted. With the effect of that sound, their bodies turned into pieces and everything was damaged.
May Allah keep us on right track forever and save us from hell fire.

Written by Saqib Zaid