Story of Abraha from Quran For kids

We will teach another story From Holy Quran for kids. A Surat in Koran Kareem also points towards that incident. That miraculous event happened in the city of Mecca. King of Habesha appointed a governor of Yemen. Name of that governor was Ab-rah. He was very stubborn, Self-regulatory and cruel. Kaaba was considered as a Holy place of worship since its first day of creation. The majority of the Arabic population, either they lived near to it or they lived far from it, respected Kaaba and they managed to visit it off and on. It came to his knowledge that people visit kaabah, He constructed a huge and beautiful building and declared it as a substitute of Kaabah. He announced that people should come to visit it. He sent a representative towards the tribes of Banu Kinanah. Abrah conveyed his strict orders to visit his newly constructed temple else Abraha would punish them. One person killed his representative with an arrow. Brother of the slain approached Abraha for help. He became angry and attacked them. Abraha took an oath that he would destroy the Kaabah in such a way that there would be no signs of that building.

Someone passed stool in the temple and it put more oil on fire. Abraha prepared an army of sixty thousand and started moving towards the Kaabah. One of his Commanders reached near the Mina ground and captured the animals of people which were grazing there. Two hundred camels of Hazrat Abdul Mutlib were also captured. Abdul Mutlib along some other prominent leaders visited Abraha. He became impressed by his personality. The discussion was started with the help of an interpreter. Hazrat Abdul Mutlib demanded their animals back only. Abraha was surprised on this demand. He was thinking about some negotiation about the safety of Kaabah while his demand was very simple. He said that he was considering him an ideal personality but his demand was denying his status. He further said that he was preferring animals while his first priority should be the safety of Kaabah. Hazrat Abdul Muttalib replied that he was the owner and caretaker of animals so he demanded his animals back only. The owner of Kaabah was Allah and He would defend His home on His own. Abraha became speechless after listening to this brief reply. He returned all animals.

Hazrat Abdul Muttalib came in Kaabah and prayed, ” My Lord Everyone saves his home on his own. You May save your home. Cross of Christians and their army has nothing power in front of You. If the destruction of Kaabah, is according to your wishes then we will welcome your decision.”

Then Hazrat Abdul Muttalib suggested people evacuate the city and to seek refuge in caves and mountains. Abrah ordered his army for a final attack. It is stated that there were nine elephants along his army. All the elephants were trying to escape from that battle. Suddenly Swarms of birds appeared in the sky. Each of them was carrying three stones. One stone in each claw and one in its beak. Birds starting throwing these stones on that army. Hitting of those stones was too powerful that each stone pierced the body of human beings and animals. Within few seconds, the whole army was just a mere collection of Scattered blood, flesh, and broken bones flaps.  Koran Karim briefly tells this story in Surah Feel.

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surah Feel

The majority of that army was died on the spot, however, some people survived and died during the back journey and some died after reaching their homeland. Allah made them a sign of warning for whole humanity. Abraha escaped and became a victim of Leprosy. His death was the most painful then rest of his companion. After this miracle even, Arab started a new calendar, they called it Elephant Calendar. Our Holy Prophet was born in the same year just after fifty or fifty-five days of this incident.