Spending in Islam and Quran in English

Koran Karim says to spend in Allah’s way. When Holy prophet said to spend in the way of Allah. People asked how much we have to spend. Allah guided with one word,extra, easy to say yet needs courage to follow, whatever is extra you may spend.

Now the question raises here that only rich people can spend and follow the order of Koran-Karim??? as the poor has nothing so how he can spend.

Let me explain the concept of spending. You may know about this term ” RIZAQ” This word is written at numerous places in verses of Koran Karim. In Arabic this word is used for food items and other necessities of life. Holy Quran says to spend the EXTRA RIZQ. It is not only used for food items . It has very vast meanings. In simple words your abilities and your money is your RIZQ. You don’t have money no problem you have physical strength .You may spend your energies in way of Allah.  If u are old and have less physical strength no worries you still have the chance to spend in way of Allah by sharing your experience , you can give good suggestions to others. Share whatever you have learned in your age. Your sharing may save the time of others and reduce their labor in their struggle. If you are a student , you may guide your juniors ,  you may guide your class mates, in this way you can follow the order of Koran-Karim and help your juniors.

encouragement of spending in quran for kids
temptation of spending

May be someone think why I spend my energies for the benefits of others. I want to give an example to clear the situation.  Suppose There are two persons, each of them owns 100kg of wheat. One of them goes to his land and work hard in plowing of land. After this he sprinkles half of wheat there. Then he periodically look after it , he works hard and provide water to his land  while second man laughs on him . He says why are you wasting your energies? First you wasted your wheat by  throwing it in land while you can eat it. Now instead of enjoying weather you are working hard . First man suffers for few months , sometime he eats less and sometimes he suffers starvation . Similarly he remains busy in his work while Second man enjoyed well his wheat for few months and nice weather. After few months each grain of wheat is converted into several wheat grains. Second man enjoyed well his wheat for few months but he has nothing left for future.  First man suffered few months but in reward he will enjoy for ever. . Apparently it seems weird that you are wasting your energies for helping others but in the end you will be rewarded.

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam , Please think about your future . One day you will have to meet your lord. If you suffer here, you spend your energies for the benefit of mankind , you are sewing the crop here and you will surly get reward on judgement day. Nothing of your effort will be wasted as Allah knows well and all. Learn Quran for kids , they will be your asset if you grow up them as Allah wants. If you behave like the second man did, you will be empty handed on judgement day. There will be no compensation then.

In the last , I want to say that please do not consider Islam just as a collection of rituals . It is a complete code of life. Quran recitation will guide you what Allah wants from you and how you can do your job to your best.

Dear kids for peace and success in this world follow the traditions of our Holy Prophet .  Our next topic will be on some social evils.  For one to one class for reading Holy Quran please book a class. May Allah bless us and save us from hell fire.

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