Quran For kids teaching, Riba

The people who receive interest (riba) will not be able to stand properly, they will stand like the people who are mentally retarded under the effect of Shaytaan. This initial punishment will be due to their sayings that: “Profit from selling is like riba.’’, while Allah has allowed selling, and prohibited riba. Now you have received an advice from your Lord from indulging in riba,  whatever has passed is allowed for him, and this matter is up to Allah. If someone does not admit this order ( and consider riba as halal). They are the people of Fire and will remain in hell forever.

Allah says in Koran Karim, the ayah of Surat Baqrah ( The Cow ) tells us that on the Judgement day, the people who take interest (riba) will arrive as mentally retarded and absent-minded people. Common people will recognize them due to their condition. They will be mentally retarded because they lived their whole life against the sharia and common sense. They used their evil senses in their life. They misbehaved against humanity. Instead of spreading their wealth , they sucked the blood by receiving interest (riba) without working. They remained away from Kindness, mutual Cooperation and Justice under the indication of their evil wishes . How much miserable is this condition that they will be declared as criminal before the initiation of the process of Judgment ????

When it said to people not to take interest (riba), they say that it is just like trading. My dear it is not trading . In trading you invest and then you work on your investment , after investment and hard work you earn profit. There are always chances of loss in trading . For example 2 decades ago , there were public call offices . It was business and now a days you rarely see public call office , the people who invested at that time , worked and earned profit . With the passage of time, that business was rolled back due to non-availability of customers. Now a days nearly each person has a cell phone. If someone wants to earn , he / she will invest in cell phone business.

The matter of interest is different from trading . There are no chances of loss and the investor have no need to work , no need to think about the upcoming trends in business. He just knows that how much percent interest ( riba) he will get on the due date. He / she survives on the labor of others due to his wealth. . Such unfair matter is against the human nature too. If one animal is more powerful he may drive away other animal from Grassland but human should not behave so. Feeding on the labor of others is Cruelty even the matter is Arbitrary between the both parties. Islam Allures the matter of lending and spending. It is narrated in one sayings of Holy Prophet may Allah bless him and his holy progeny with peace that Charity is good but to lend money to fulfill the necessities of someone is far more better and appreciated act. Read and follow quran for kids so that you may grow up them as a true Muslim.

Now a days interest (riba) has overlapped the economy of whole world. It was said that interest (riba) is compulsory for speedily growing economy. Japan introduced zero interest policy few years ago. Most of the economist predicted that Japanese economy will be bankrupt in the upcoming years . No one will trust on Japan , investors will shift their capital outside from Japan and bla bla. What was the result of that decision? Japan bankrupted ? Japan became international beggar like third world countries or Japan emerged as a new economic super power? Off course Japan survived well. Following Japan, zero interest rate policy was implemented in USA, UK and other European countries. If a country wants to improve its economy , follows lower interest rate policy now a days.  Japan and Sweden has zero interest rate , USA 0.25%, Canada 0.75% and UK 0.50% while Iran has 14.15%, Pakistan 8.5%, Saudi Arabia 3.93%. Non Muslim are avoiding interest while Muslim populated countries are following it and the result is in front of our eyes. It is our responsibility to avoid from interest (riba) as per clear instruction of quran for kids we are model.

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