Quran for kids, Suratul Baqarah Naming

Reson behind the name of the second surah is discussed here in the form of a story. It is concluded from Holy Quran for kids. After migration of our holy prophet in the city of Madina, nearly the whole surah was sent down (few ayahs were sent down in Makkah). This one of the longest surahs of Koran kareemOur Holy Prophet told us about the importance of this surah.

It is stated that holy prophet said that whoever learned the knowledge of these seven surahs (Sanam-ul-Quran), he will become a big scholar.Surah Baqarah is one of that surahs. Of course, the whole Quran was sent by Allah then why our prophet said so? Because there are many orders in this surah. whoever gets the knowledge of that surah and practice on them too surely he will be a good practising Muslim. It is stated that our holy prophet said that devil will not enter the home where surah Baqarah is being recited frequently. Alla’s prophet encouraged the recitation of surah Baqarah in other hades too. It is stated that holy prophet said that if someone learned surah Baqarah, it would be a cause of blessing (on the judgement day) and if someone leaves it would be a cause of regret.

The name of this surah “The cow”, points towards an event. When prophet Mosa went to meet his lord on a mountain for some days. He appointed his brother Haroon a.s as his vice.Haroon a.s was also a prophet. During this time period, his nation involved in the worshipping of a calf. when Mosa a.s came back, he became angry that he left his nation just for few days and they did not leave them leaderless, there was a vice, a prophet. Anyhow, his nation repented but still there were some people who had hidden affiliation of respect and worship in their hearts for the cow. once someone killed a man and threw his dead body in front of the door a man. In the morning, people saw that dead body and accused the house owner as the killer. While he was innocent in this matter. As a prophet and leader of his nation, Moosa a.s had to decide this case. With Allah’s command Moosa a.s said his nation to do the sacrifice of a cow and hit a piece of meat on that dead body. That dead body would be alive and would tell the reality. It was a simple and plain order. There was nothing complicated but for those who want to follow. Instead of following the orders, they made lame excuses. First they asked if he was kidding, please remember that any prophet never said on his own. so thinking in this way was against the dignity of Moosa a.s. He replied,”I seek refuge in You from the ignorant” Do whatever was said.Then they started a series of stupid questions. They said to Moosa a.s to ask from his lord which type of cow was that. Allah said that cow is not used in irrigation or harvesting the land. Then they said to ask about the age of cow. Allah said that cow was neither old nor too young. It was an adult cow of middle age. Then they asked what was the color of the cow we had doubts and with the will of Allah we would find that specific cow and would sacrifice. Allah informed about the color of cow too, it was reddish brown and good looking. They said now you gave sensible information. Ultimately they sacrificed that cow and hit the piece of cow on the dead body, in this way this issue was resolved. Apparently they were not going to do so because they were naughty people.

They converted a simple order in a complex order. In this way, Allah showed them how HE will make people alive again on the judgement day and the people who had any affiliation with cow became clear that cow was just a creature like numerous other creatures. Cow even can not save itself how it can be considered as God or the form of God. This was the reason for the naming of this surah.

May Allah give us chances of Quran recitation and following HIS orders.