Quran for kids, Story Of Prophet Adam a.s

We have concluded this story from Holy Quran for kids. Allah says in Holy Quran that Allah created This earth and skies. Allah created angels and created whatever HE wanted. Once Allah said to HIS angles that I am going to create a Vice in Earth. Angles said with due respect that we are your obedient and we continuously praise you. We obey your orders without any objection. If YOU will create him, He will create unrest in the world. He will do blood shedding. Allah said to his angles that he had all knowledge He knew well about his creatures and you did not know. The angles admitted with Humility that they had limited knowledge and authorities and Allah Has all powers, authorities and knowledge so his decision is correct. Please note that during this conversation there was no difference of opinion. An.gels remained humbled.
Allah created Adam and gave him knowledge and then Allah presented Adam in front of angels. Allah asked angels to tell about the names of some things. Allah has created the angels for different tasks. Angels requested with due respect that they had very limited knowledge, they only know whatever Allah had told them. Point to understand here is that human beings are created for multi-tasking while angels are created for their respective and limited tasks. That is why human beings have a choice to obey or disobey. If they will obey they will get a reward and if they will not obey, they will be punished. Then Allah ordered Adam to tell the name of things. Adam told the names. After showing the priority of Adam, Allah ordered angels to bow down in front of Adam. All angels did the same and bow down in front of Adam to obey Allah’s command except The devil. Devil became the victim of Ego and disobeyed Allah’s command. Allah said to Adam to live in paradise with his wife and enjoy the blessings of paradise.  Allah ordered them that you should not go near that specific tree and if you did so you will be considered as Oppressors. Each and everyone is answerable to Allah on his own. No one will stand for anyone on the Judgement day. Devil seduced them and under devil’s influence, they both broke that limit. As a result, they were kicked off from paradise and Allah sent them on earth. They lived there for an unknown time then Allah taught them how to repent of mistakes. They called Allah with HIS names and repented. Allah is the kindest and most forgiver. He accepted their repentance and said that from now on you would live on this earth. Whatever orders I will send you will have to follow that. If you will do so I will bestow you the paradise, the paradise which you missed due to your act. And if you will not follow my orders then you will get the punishment, the punishment of hell fire.
A point should be clear here, expulsion from paradise was the result of disobeying the orders and Adam and his wife both violated the command of their lord. According to current Christians, it is said that female was responsible for that sin. It is a wrong concept. The reality is that both disobeyed the orders and both were expelled. It is against the justice too. Why Adam got punishment due to the mistake of his wife? Off course, both got punishment due to their acts. Allah never gives punishment without any mistake.

 For Reference please recite Surah Baqarah Ayat number 29-39. Insha Allah, we will update it later. As long as Koran Kareem recitation will continue we will update it accordingly.