Quran for kids, Nikah

All praises are for Allah alone. There is a complete code of life in Quran for kids reaching the age of puberty and young adults we have prepared this lecture. We teach Koran Karim via skype. Usually the students of senior secondary need these informations due to hormonal changes . We will try to compose this in the form a book . Just like other requirements, living with someone and making his/her own family is a natural desire. A muslim always seeks guidance in each and every aspect of life .  Allah told us the rules via His final Messenger, Muhammad (Peace be upon him and Holy progeny with blessings), marriage is a vital component for a healthy and balanced life. It is essential for Muslims to know what Islam  wants so that they may gain the maximum benefit and pleasure with piously.

Arabic word “ Nikaah “ means to join together or to be together. In terms of the Islam , nikah means an agreement between a male and female. After this agreement they can live together and keep sexual relations.  Koran Karim tell us in Suratur Rum, Verse21

“And among His(Allah) signs is this, that He(Allah) created mates for you from (humans like)yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with them; and He(Allah) has put love and mercy between your (hearts). Undoubtedly in this there are signs for those who reflects.”

His final Messenger, Muhammad (Peace be upon him and Holy progeny with blessings) said, “Nikaah is my tradition  and  whoever turns away from my  tradition. He/she is not from my Ummah. At another place it is narrated that young people should marry, it would safeguards the eyes and protects the private parts from involving in forbidden acts.  And if someone is not capable of doing nikaah. He/she  should fast as the act of fasting would act as a shield .

Nikah is the foundation of The family unit. Stability and strength of the marriage will result in the stability and strength of the family unit and ultimately the more peaceful society. When a male and female will join together in marriage under the umbrella of Islam, the benefits will extend beyond their own personal wishes and desires. Remaining in marriage contract is considered as a form of worship. When the couple admits that they are living together for the sake of Allah, they ignore the mistakes of each other more easily. Similarly they will show great affection towards each other knowing that their acts will not go in air and they will be rewarded on the Judgement day due to this love and affection.

There are some similarities between most of the animals and human beings. Both need food for their own survival and both need a partner  for their new generation. Animals are bound their built in directions. You may may not see dog approaching another dog for sexual desire. A dog will approach a bitch. Similarly male cat will find a female cat. A dog will not run after a goat. They know their limits and they follow their built in rules. Human beings have some built in directions and for rest Allah sent His messengers and they taught the way of living life . If human being follow that way , There will be no crime , no distress ,. May be some mind may raise a question that why human don’t have built in directions? The answer is simple , if human also have built in directions what would be the difference between human being and animals. Animals will not rewarded on the Judgement Day while for human beings who follow Allah’s rule , there will be great reward.  It is in our knowledge that there are some countries where same gender relations are allowed even there are few areas in this world where human beings are allowed to keep relations with animals. However there is not a single country who forces to do so . You got my point ? If some one don’t want to follow our divine rules , Let them do . We are not supposed to Impose however we can show by our acts and deeds. If we observe on the traditions of Holy Prophet , he preached for nearly 23 years . All his companions followed him and showed to rest of world by their acts that our code of life is the best.

Our well trained staff is available for teaching quran for kids and adults. No matter where ever u live and whatever is your age, We have arranged koran karim classes for you at minimal expense. As a member of muslim nation we have reached on the poles. We want to make our society a muslim society but we don’t want to make ourselves as a practicing muslim. After every few years we hear about a new militant group. We see different videos about stoning people or cutting the heads of their opponents. Was it a practice of Holy Prophet ? No it is not the practice of Holy Prophet . Our Holy Prophet was very humble and peaceful. He even prayed for the people who teased him. If someone has all sources for earning or living in a relationship and he is involving in theft or robbery or keeping relations unlawfully then it is clear that he is criminal and deserves punishment. If society wants to keep its members safe , they have to punish criminals. If someone has nothing to eat and he is stealing food , he is not a thief . This is the point which the people who want to impose Islamic rules by force should understand. If someone don’t have a wife or husband , he or she should fast . My words are bitter but it is a fact that pure Islam is buried in paper form only.