Story of Musa a.s from Quran for kids

Quran for kids tells some stories. We are presenting one of theose here. Musa a.s visited Firoan and called him towards Allah. Firoan asked who was your Lord. Mosa a.s replied my lord was the creator of the whole universe. HE created Sky and this Earth and whatever was in between these. Firoan said to his nation that did you listen whatever he said, He claimed that his Lord was your Lord and he was also the Lord of your ancestors too. Firoan said that it seemed that this person was crazy. Musa a.s said that he was not speaking on his own, he was just delivering the message of the Lord of East and West and whatever was in between these. Musa a.s informed if you had any wisdom you might understand this. Time passed and Firoan raised hatred against Musa a.s as much as he could. Quran kareem tells us that One day he warned Musa a.s to accept him as his Lord and said, “if you think that I am NOT your Lord then I will capture you.” Musa a.s said,” My Lord has blessed me as a messenger and I am his representative.” Then Firoan asked what he would get the reward if he admitted him as a prophet. Musa a.s said if you admitted me as a prophet and believed in my lord, HE wOULD bless you with three things. HIS first blessing would be that you would be young again, secondly, the area of your kingdom would be extended, you would be a King from East till West. The third blessing would be that your age would be increased and on the judgement day, there would be no questioning about your life. Musa a.s was ordered to speak politely that was the reason that he was speaking in a very soft and gentle way.

Firoan demanded sometime so that he might think about these offers. Firoan wanted to get the advice of his ministers before taking any step. Firoan called his minister, Hamaan, and placed the whole matter in front of him. Hamaan replied that few days ago you claimed about being Lord and if you believed in Musa’s Lord, all people would make fun of you. Hamaan said,” if you want to become young again, I will do something and you will be young tomorrow. It is stated that he took some jewelry and gave it to an herbal specialist and got some black dye. Hamaan put that color on the Firoan’s beard. In the morning, Firoan saw that his beard was black. Firoan thought that his minister was very active and he made him young again. His confidence increased and he called Musa a.s

Firoan said to Musa a.s to present arguments and supernatural acts to support his claims and to prove him trustworthy. Musa a.s said that I had one thing if I showed that, you might believe me. Musa a.s hid his hand in his armpit and then showed it to Firoan. It was glittering like the moon. In fact, its glitter was more than the moon. It’s shining was very attractive. Firoan became frightened He said to Musa a.s that he wanted to kill him or he wanted to make him a companion. In Koran Kareem following prayers is written. It is believed┬áthat this prayers is very effective in increasing the abilities of kids. of Quran recitation.

quran for kids musa
quran for kids musa a.s story

His Courtiers said that Musa a.s was a big magician, we could defeat him if we succeeded in gathering a group of magicians. Firoan ordered to gather magicians from all around. A time was selected for a battle between Musa a.s and Magicians. His Courtiers moved all around and gathered top magicians. Firoan opened his treasury as he wanted to save his position. It is stated that magicians took six months for complete preparation of their magic. At the decided time, all came in a ground. Firoan came there with his Courtiers. Thousand men and women came to see the competition. Firoan was very confident. Musa a.s came with his brother, Haroon a.s. Magicians asked Musa a.s either he wanted to show his trick first or they might show their magic first. Musa a.s said that you might show first whatever you could. Quran tells us that magicians threw some ropes and due to their trick, those ropes were looking like snakes. All the people were inspired by this trick. Hundreds of snakes were moving on the ground . all were quite. Musa a.s became disturbed due to the behavior of public. Allah sent his message towards Musa a.s. Allah said to throw his stick and not to be frightened on crowd mentality. Musa a.s threw his stick and with the command of Allah, the stick converted into a real big python. That python ate all the fake snakes and not only the snakes but also other equipment of magicians. Magicians were intelligent, they understood the whole situation. They knew it well that their tricks were fake and that python was orignal. They called in one voice , ” We believe in lord of Musa and Haroon.”
We will discuss it in next story. If we teach such stories of Quran to our kids , there will many advantages, Our Quran recitation will improve and kids will get true knowledge.

Written by saqib zaid