We will discuss few Beloved and recommended  Moral attributes which are Required by Islam in daily life. Obviously we can not cover all the required Moral attributes in few lines. We will try our best to convey the message as much as possible. It is duty of every Muslim to convey the knowledge whatever he / she has and ask the questions to improve his/her knowledge . The process of this learning starts from the first day . First word of wahi is an order “READ” in Quran For kids learning is more necessary as their minds always remain busy in getting knowledge about new things.

Sabr is one of a Moral attribute required by Islam in our daily life. The word Patience is used as a translation of sabr in English however the word patience can not define this term in its true sense. Its literal meanings are to stop or to bind. In The Islamic term it means perseverance which a human being shows in way of God while evil forces are try to distract his/her attention. It is not an act of few mints or few days. A Muslim may have to have to show his/her sabr in every aspect of his life. He /she may have to face his/her own heart, or with other family members or near ones or neighbors or even the whole society. Now a days most of you may suffer due to international politics . Evil forces provide latest weapons to mentally retarded people , the so called Muslims, and whole Muslim nation throughout the whole world is suffering . No news channel highlights that from where the militants get latest weapons. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Pakistan or any other Muslim country do not have laboratories or factories. Anyhow we have to face all these with patience. Allah, the real lord and owner of all praises says in Holy quran that surely Allah is with them who show patience.

Islam insists to speak truth , stay with truth and facilitate to make the society Fearless in speaking truth. According to Islamic point of view all messengers of Allah were Pioneers in speaking truth. Whatever all the messengers presented was truth and they suffered a lot with patience. In Koran Karim our Lord Allah orders to stand with Truthful people. Our beloved Holy Prophet May Allah bless him and his progeny with peace was famous as Sadiq ( the person who always speaks truth). Hadhrat Muhammad May Allah bless him and his progeny with peace said that truth redeems while Lies destroys . Speaking truth is  border line limit between real believers and The Hypocrites.

It is observed that some of us don’t show patience in their routine life. Husband don’t behave with patience with their wives. Issue is small and their reaction is big. Even some people break their homes due to lack of patience. Similarly some wives don’t show patience with their husband. Self respect is very precious for everyone. We consider it precious for our selves and priceless for others. When kids see such behavior, it is engraved in their minds. When your kids will grow they will also behave in this way with their spouse. According to Quran for kids and their mothers, husband is responsible for their economic needs. Keep in mind that the bigger is responsibility the bigger patience you have to show. Even in the case of death of father , the near relatives of father are more responsible to fulfill the needs of kids. Save yourselves from hell fire. On judgment day no one will help you. Today is the time of sowing the crops and on judgment day you will have to reap. Follow the orders of Koran Karim in your daily life so that you will go Janna. If you show patience and speak truth, your kids will learn to act with patience and speaking truth.

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