Quran For Kids Education, lecture 1

Significantly God rejoices at our self-reproach. Turning back to God purifies our hearts and facilitates final success, it conjointly gains His pleasure. there’s a gorgeous story found in Sahih Muslim regarding this matter. The essence of the story involves a person United Nations agency is traveling in an exceedingly desolate land and his even-toed ungulate with all of his belongings runs off. when a amount of your time the person provides up longing for the animal and he submits to his fate. All of a sharp the even-toed ungulate reappears and out of pure joy he cries “Allah you’re my slave and that i am your Lord”. Imagine the amount of joy the person had to be in to form such a statement? God rejoices in an exceedingly method that befits His magnificence and in an exceedingly method that’s transcendent. the purpose here is that He desires US to repent, He desires to forgive US, the door is open…we simply have to be compelled to build that tiny effort to run through. we’ve no excuse. however will we tend to alienate ourselves from Allah’s mercy? Why can we selected Divine alienation and hell over a amative Lord? Its our alternative. Follow quran for kids so that your generations can become good practical Muslim.

Since repenting for our transgressions ends up in purity and success, then what area unit the conditions of repentance?

There area unit four main conditions of repentance:

1. hand over the sin
2. Feel self-reproach and regret
3. Resolve ne’er to travel back to the sin
4. If the sin involves others like thievery of slander, the person should arouse their forgiveness and provides the property back.

Allah is thus forgiving and merciful that if we tend to were to come back to the sin and repent, He would forgive US once more. this does not mean we tend to cash in of His mercy as a result of every act of self-reproach must be sincere.

The Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be peace) aforementioned that God aforementioned,

“O son of Adam, farewell as you decision upon Maine and raise of Maine, I shall forgive you for what you’ve got done, and that i shall not mind. O son of Adam, were your sins to succeed in the clouds of the sky and were you then to raise forgiveness of Maine, i might forgive you and that i wouldn’t mind.” [Related by at-Tirmidhi]

The next issue we tend to should accomplish so as to enlighten and soften our hearts is (al-ikhlas) sincerity. Sincerity suggests that doing one thing for Allah’s pleasure, or to realize His reward or to get rid of ourselves from His penalization. Or it is for all 3 reasons at the same time.

In the monotheism religious tradition, not doing sensible deeds or acts of worship for God alone is like chasing a mirage in an exceedingly desert. The person thinks it’s water however lands up extinction his thirst with hot sand. God explains this within the Koran Karim,

“But as for those that area unit intent on denying the reality, their sensible deeds area unit sort of a mirage within the desert, that the thirsty supposes to be water – till, once he approaches it, he finds that it had been nothing: instead, he finds God with him, which He can pay him his account fully – for God is swift in reckoning!” Koran Karim 24:39

From a religious perspective doing sensible deeds and actions for aside from God is empty and meaningless . Everything that exists except God depends, poor and has physical limitations. this could build US realize that we tend to area unit exclusively hooked in to Him. thus our sensible deeds and worship ought to be for His sake alone.

So however can we accomplish sincerity? Here area unit some concepts,

1. Do one sensible deed or act of worship on a daily basis except the obligatory acts that nobody is aware of except you and God.
2. apprehend that while not sincerity there’s no reward for our deeds and worship, which they mean nothing. With sincerity there is not any paradise solely Divine alienation.
3. Take a pic of yourself before doing any act of worship and before doing any sensible deed and raise your self “who am I doing this for?”
4. ne’er hand over the nice deed simply because you sense a scarcity of sincerity.

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