Story of Mûsâ elyh salam from Quran for kids

Quran for kids teaches us many good lessons. Today we will tell you the story of Mûsâ elyh salam and the king of Egypt. Firoan or Pharaoh is not the name of any specific person. It was used as a title for kings of Egypt’. In the same way , Chinese Used the term “Khaqaan” and Russian used the word “Czar” for their kings. In ancient Egyptian language meaning of Pharaoh was the highest palace. They believed that their kings were offspring of gods.

Quran recitation tells us the true story. Some years before Mûsâ elyh salam was born, astrologers informed their king that a male child would be born in incoming years. He would destroy your kingdom and he would be the responsible of your death. After listening this, Pharaoh ordered to kill all male child of that specific tribe. He also ordered to do miscarriage of pregnant women too. He announced a prize for informers. Time spent and numerous kids of bani Israel were killed. Then Astronomers informed him that the kid would be born in an even year and not in an odd year. Courtiers of Pharaoh suggested him to kill the newborn male kids in one year and to leave alive in one year. With the command of Allah. One year Haroon elyh salam was born. He remained safe as it was the odd year. Next year Mûsâ elyh salam was born. It was a very tough and painful event for his mothers. Many other kids who were born were killed. Spies of the king were there to inform the king and to get the prize.

Allah tells us in Holy Quran that he sent HIS MESSAGE (wahii) towards the mother of Mûsâ elyh salam. She followed the commands of her Lord . Allah ordered her to put him in a wooden box and to leave that box in the river. She did so. She kept Mûsâ elyh salam in a wooden box and handed over it to the waves of the river. She was strong enough in her faith. She was not worried. She knew well that her lord was true. HE was the true lord HE would complete HIS words and soon her child would be with her again. Sister of Mûsâ elyh salam was following the box to see the final destination of that box. The palace of Pharoah was built on the bank of that river. Her wife was enjoying the sight of the river . She observed that something was floating .

She ordered her servants to bring that thing. They obeyed her and brought that box. Sister of Mûsâ elyh salam saw that box was captured and Mûsâ elyh salam was in the custody of servants of the palace. She became disturbed . When the box was opened, Mûsâ elyh salam was found lying in that box . Allah created so much attraction in his face that whoever put a sight , he or she was involved in the love of Mûsâ elyh salam Wife of Firoan was a true Muslimah, Her name was Hazrat Aasiya salam elyha. She said to her husband to adopt this child as they were childless.

Pharaoh was reluctant in doing so as his astrologers had informed him that child had born and was alive. She insisted on seeing him one time. When Pharaoh saw him he also involved in the love of Mûsâ elyh salam He decided to adopt him.
Mûsâ elyh salam was hungry and he needed to be breastfeed. Aasiya salam elyha was the princess she ordered to arrange any woman to feed him. A lot of women came but Mûsâ elyh salam rejected every woman. They announced that whoever female would be succeeded in feeding the adopted child of the king would be blessed with huge prize and distinctions. Sister of Mûsâ elyh salam also entered the palace with the gathering . She said that she could call her mother if they liked it, might be Mûsâ elyh salam accepted her milk. They asked you are grown old so how she could feed. She replied that my brother was born Last year and she was feeding him. They called the mother of Mûsâ elyh salam and he accepted her milk. In this way, Allah completed HIS promise and Mûsâ elyh salam met his mother again .
Dear kids, Allah has all powers and authorities. He can do whatever HE wants. Call Allah whenever you need help.