Khubaib bin Adi Ansari R.A

After listening the name of Khubaib May allah bless him, sons of Haris rushed to purchase him, along them were other people whose loved one were also killed in ghazawah a badar. They got them and tied with chains. They kept him hungry and thirsty. Koran Karim tells us that when Hadhrat Zikriya visited Hadhrat Maryam he found some out of season fruits there. He asked about these fruits , Maryam from where did you get these fruits? Maryam replied ,” It Is from My Lord Allah, Surely Allah gives countless to whom HE wants to give.” Learn these stories from quran for kids to increase their affection and love with Maryam and Jesus Salam ullah alayhuma.
One day daughter of Haris saw that Khubaib May Allah bless him was eating grapes. She ran outside and announced that she saw grapes in the hands of Khubaib May Allah bless him. She solemnly said that I saw grapes in his hand while he was tied in chains and this is not the season of grapes in Makkah. I think that grapes were the food which given to Khubaib May Allah bless him by Allah with unseen sources. “
Allah has all the authorities and providing food in such a way is not outside of HIS authorities. Pagan killed Hadhrat Zaid May Allah bless him and told Khubaib May Allah bless him thinking that he may be shocked and nervous after listening this sad news. They were expecting that Khubaib May Allah bless him might request for mercy or his life. Pagans remained stunt as Khubaib May Allah bless him remained calm there were no fear on his face .
They decided to kill him but he remained calm even after listening about this decision. One day before his death a kid got a knife from somewhere and crawled towards the place where Khubaib May Allah bless him was tied in chains. Suddenly the mother of kid saw that his kid was in the approach of Khubaib May Allah bless him and there was knife too. She became frightened. Her voice became stopped due to fear. She thought that Khubaib May Allah bless him might kill her innocent kid . When Khubaib May Allah bless him saw her, he replied that our holy prophet taught us humanity. We do not kill kids. We are not supposed to tease innocent. See the level of the kindness of companions of Holy Prophet that he was kind to the kids of his worst enemies. Now a days the militants feel proud in killing unarmed civil population. Countless men, women, kids have been killed in suicide attacks in the name of Islam. Islam is against such acts. There is no base of such acts from quran for kids there is just kindness, for innocent there is just kindness.
A place named TANEEM was selected to hang him. He demanded some time to offer prayer. Pagans permitted thinking that might he wanted to leave Islam. They were unaware about the  strength of belief. Khubaib May Allah bless him offered two raka prayer and said ,”By God, if you do not think that I am afraid of death, I certainly recite Koran Karim more long”. Then he raised his hands towards sky and said , ” O Allah Count all of them and torn them into pieces”. He turned towards pagans and read a short poem, the meaning of that poem was like , ” And when I am taking my last breath as a Muslim I don’t care how I will fell after killing. Either it is on side or straight or even I fell and my face is Downward. I will give my life for Allah only and death for Allah’s cause is a gift . Allah can bless in my broken bones and pieces if HE wants to do so.”
Enemies of Islam prepared a big Place of execution, They wrapped his body tightly with stems of dates and kill him.