Justice In Islam

quran for kids
quran for kids

Koran Karim  says.

Allah enjoins to do justice and to adopt good behavior and to give relatives (their due rights), and forbids shameful acts, evil deeds and oppressive attitude. He encourages you, so that you may be aware . “

We will discuss all the  orders of Quran in this ayah step wise so that you may implement it in your daily life. Teachings of Quran  for kids are vital.

Islam, the best code of life, has great concern with peace and genuine respect for people. Islam demands  fair-mindedness and righteousness  morality from its followers. All Muslims should be a symbol of honesty and righteousness. In any society justice plays an important role in placing things in their rightful place.  Giving others equal treatment is compulsory.

Holy Prophet  of Islam declared:

“On Judgement day There will be no shade except Allah’s own shade . Allah will bestow  shelter under His shade to people of seven categories  One of them is justice.”

Allah says in a Hades a Qudsi

“Surely Allah has forbidden injustice for Himself and it is not allowed for you.  O My slaves, Don’t be unjust to one another.”

Allah says in Koran Karim ,in sorah number 57 ayat number 25 ,that Verily we have revealed the Scripture and the Balance in order so that our Messengers might lead people with justice. Justice represents moral rectitude and fairness so Islam considers it as a basic objective. There are numerous verses in Koran Karim

which clearly declares it as a supreme virtue. We are giving following
In Sorah Nahal 16th sorah Ayah number 90 Allah says “commands justice and fair dealing.”

At an other place Allah orders

Group of believers , be upright for Allah, and (be) bearers of witness with justice” (Quran 5:8)

In simple words justice is an obligation of Islam and injustice is forbidden clearly. Holy Quran declares The Importance of Justice

justice verse from quran for kids
ayah for justice

“O Group of believers! You must be obey the commands of Allah and witnesses for justice. Hatred against any group of people should not prompt you in doing justice. Do justice as it will lead to nearer to Taqwa. Fear Allah. No doubt Allah know well and all about what you do.”

Dear kids The only way for success and the path for success is following of Quran only. We have to live life according to the definition of quran and sunnah

A verse At an other place states that  “I (Holy Prophet Peace be upon him) am commanded to judge justly between you.”

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam, you should  follow the orders of Holy Quran for your kids, your family and for your society.     According to the teachings of quran There is extra  Compassion for kids and disable.  So as Muslims we should be more humble . It is our basic responsibility.
Our Quran tutor are well trained in their field. Join us for online teachings of Quran for kids. May Allah keep us on right track and bless us in this world and on the judgement day.