Story of Ibrahim a.s from Quran for Kids

Quran for kids is Collection of pieces of advice. We try our best to boost the love of Allah in the hearts of our student. The key to success in this world and in the world after death is Quran recitation. As much as u will learn Koran Karim. the doors of knowledge and wisdom will open for you. Usually, a king was the ruler of a particular area however History tells us that in this world very few persons were king of several countries. Their kingdom was very big. Two of them were Muslims, The prophet Sulaiman and Zulqarnain while 2 were nonmuslims, Nimrod and Bakht Nasr.

We have collected the story of Abraham a.s  from Quran for kids. Nimrod was very glorious and powerful. Hundred thousand men and women were his obedient. His kingdom was excellent. He established a stable government in Syria by using his huge army, then he moved towards Eastern countries and occupied subcontinent and some part of Russia. Then he moved towards Europe and conquered Room. Then he stayed in Kofa,city of Iraq. He ruled nearly one thousand and seven hundred years. It is stated that at that time average age was far more than today. Maybe it was due to consumption of organic items only. There was no such poisonous chemicals and gasses too.

He was very arrogant. He never bent down in front of Allah. He was used to saying that there was no God and he claimed to be a god. He used to sit on a throne. He used to place his throne on the back of an elephant. A rug of expensive Roman silk was laid down under his throne. There was a work of Precious jewels on that rug. In simple word, all the possible beauty of this world of that time was present in his court. Ibrahim a.s was born when his power was at its peak.

Quran Kareem tells us a name of a person, Aazar, he was the father of Ibrahim a.s and some says that he was his uncle. Anyhow, Ibrahim, a.s was raised by Aazar. He was a fellow of Nimrod. Ibrahim a.s was a kid and one day he asked his mother about her lord. She replied that her lord was her husband who provided food and shelter. Ibrahim a.s asked who was Lord of her husband. She said that his lord were stars. He asked again who was lord of Stars. She became speechless and moved out. She told the whole story to his husband. He was worried on his questions. He had an important and valuable designation in the court of Nimrod.

He tried to involve Ibrahim a.s in his work. He was a famous sculpture maker. Ibrahim a.s hated sculptures. Similarly, he never took any interest in their religious festivals. His father was against this behavior. Once Ibrahim a.s said that one day he would punish these idols. He did not give any challenge to anyone, he was talking on his own. Aazar listened to that sentence but he did not take any action. He observed that people of his nation bought statues and bent down in front of those sculptures. They were used to call that sculptures for their safety, health, food and other requirements. He observed that his nation was habitual of worshipping natural things. Some worshiped stars, sometimes they worshiped the Sun and sometimes they worshiped the Moon. Ibrahim a.s fret on all this.

We will tell you Insha Allah in next session about the discussion of Ibrahim a.s with his nation in next session. May Allah accept this effort and make it a source of salvation on the Judgement day for us and you all.