Story of Ibrahim a.s 6 from Quran for Kids

Quran for kids provides us building material, Now it is on us how we use that material. If we do Quran recitation we will be on the straight path and will be a role model for our kids. If we will forget Quran Kareem , our kids will be misguided. He moved towards Syria. He was passing through a city  named,Khazayen. He observed that a lot of people were going towards a specific direction. He noted that most of them were young and well dressed. He inquired about it. It was told that there was a princess of that city. She wanted to marry. She fixed some days. She would personally visit the ground.

If she would be impressed, she would select her spouse. A lot of landlords, princes and kings wanted to marry her. It was stated that princess was an extremely beautiful lady. No one was alike her. It was the seventh day when Ibrahim a.s reached that city. Ibrahim a.s also joined their company. He reached in that ground and sat in a corner. In the afternoon, there was a huge gathering. Princess arrived there along numerous servants. There was a veil on her face and there was a beautiful necklace in her hand. According to her routine, she observed all candidates. When she saw Ibrahim a.s. She stopped there. She was impressed with his personality. She put that necklace in the neck of Ibrahim a.s. It was the sign that she selected him as her spouse. She did not stop there due to shyness. She left that place and sat on a throne. Her servants presented Ibrahim a.s in front of the king. When he saw the choice of her daughter.

He was impressed by his personality, however, he said to her daughter that you selected a gentle and noble man however he was poor. Anyhow, Ibrahim, a.s got married. After staying there for some duration, Ibrahim a.s decided to leave for Syria. His wife named Sara, also intended to go along him. Ibrahim a.s said that her father might not allow her to leave. She replied that she was unable to live without her. She would go either her father permitted her or he forbade. The king permitted to go. They left the city with huge gifts and costly items. After all, she was the daughter of a king. aIt is stated that most beautiful woman of the earth was Sara a.s after Hawa a.s. At that time animals were used for traveling.

All type of land cargo was also transferred via animals. During their journey, they had to pass through a small state. Some people told that the ruler of that state was very bad and cruel. He had appointed his representatives on all routes. He was fond of women. His spies gathered information for him. Ibrahim a.s was a noble man, he was disturbed with all this situation.

There was no alternative route. Ability and necessity live in the same cabin. He prepared a box and hid his wife in that box.