Story of Ibrahim a.s 4 from Quran for Kids

Quran for kids gives a base and we have to build a building on that base. If we perform our duties well that building will be unique. Quran recitation will facilitate us in the construction of such unique and beneficial generations.

Ibrahim a.s said to his nation why you worshiped such idols who were not able to listen or reply. There was no argument from his nation. Suddenly a voice appeared, he said that he was a witness that one day Ibrahim a.s claimed that he would do something with these idols when people would go somewhere else. That voice was the voice of Aazar. They proposed to kill him. Nimrod and his fellow also wanted to kill him. An another meeting was called to think about the method of his killing. Quran Karim They all were gathered at this point that his death should be painful, dreadful and an exemplary. It should be in such a way that there would be no embarrassment in future and no other would dare to insult their religious beliefs in future.

A very old and frail man was also present at the meeting. He suggested that such criminal should be punished in front of common people. If you did so it would be a warning lesson for all. Next time no one would dare to insult the idols. He further suggested that it would be performed like a national duty. People from all tribe should spread in nearby areas. Everyone should pay his share in this task. Each person should collect some wood according to its ability. After collection of huge amount of wood, we would ignite the fire.

Nimrod ordered to arrest Ibrahim a.s. He also ordered to collect wood from all possible places. His workers spread in nearby forests and collected a huge amount of wood. It was decided to construct a boundary and to place all wood in that boundary. They ignited fire, flames of fire was very high. It is stated that flames were so high that even a bird was not able to cross that boundary. They were surprised how to put him in the fire . It was decided that they would place him in a trebuchet and then they would put him in the fire. A huge gathering was there to see the death scene of Ibrahim a.s. Their hearts were full of hatred. Under the influence of Devil, their hearts were dead. Soldiers of Nimrod presented Ibrahim a.s in front of people. They tied his hands and feet so that he might not run. They were so ignorant that they even did not think that Ibrahim a.s could save himself by following their beliefs. Ibrahim a.s was performing his duties. He was a true Muslim and a true Muslim never runs from his duties

It is stated in traditions that the devil was there in the form of an old man. He was Be ahead in this matter. The Suggestion of putting him in the fire was presented by him. To involve more and more people in this sin , he suggested to perform it as a national duty. Each took part in the collection of wood and construction of boundary . It is stated that boundary was miles long and its width was also in miles. It is stated that height of that boundary was a hundred yards. Quran Karim told us about that boundary however, its area is not discussed . Maybe there is magnification in the area of that boundary but it is a reality that the thousand men and women took part in the collection of wood for months.

Ibrahim a.s remained calm and humble. Even there was not the shadow of any sorrow. He knew well that his lord would not waste his efforts. There was a paradise for all who suffered in HIS way. When they fixed him in that trebuchet and were about to leave, Allah ordered the angels to open the doors of skies. All creature was seeing that scene. Allah showed HIS creature how HIS obedient follow HIS orders. All the angels and creation of paradise requested to save him. They requested that our lord you knew well that in that crowd he was the only one Muslim.

Allah said to HIS angles to go towards Ibrahim a.s and ask for his help on their own. Jabrail a.s approached him along seventy thousand angels and asked for help. Gabriel a.s asked if he ordered he would finish that fire in no time. Ibrahim a.s inquired either it was his Lord’s order or he was offering that help on his own. Jabrail a.s became silent. He remained stunt on the courage and bravery of Ibrahim a.s. He said to do whatever was his lord’s order. Jibril a.s asked about his desires and wishes. Ibrahim a.s said that he had wishes and desires but his matter was with his Allah only. He had no concern with the creature. His desires were for God only who was the owner of this whole universe.

Dear kids, see how true Muslim believe in Allah. They have no concern with results. They just follow HIS orders. If we want to live a successful life in this world and on the Judgement day, we have to follow His orders and HIS orders are in an unchangeable and saved form. That form is Quran Kareem. May Allah give us chances to recite and follow His book.