Story of Ibrahim a.s 3 from Quran for Kids

Quran for kids gives us some aphorism rules. Now it is up to us how we follow these rules and become a role model for our next generations. The sad thing is that most of us do not do Quran recitation regularly.

In spite of continuous preaching , aazar stayed on his false belief. Not only Aazr but also his nation opposed him. Though Ibrahim a.s was alone but he remained consistent on his way. One day he did self-talking that he would do something with these idols when they would go somewhere else. His father listened to his whisper but he did not show any reaction at that time. His nation celebrated two festivals once in a year. The time of festival came and people moved out of town to enjoy it . Aazar said to Ibrahim to go along him. He wanted that he should go there and took part in their religious festival. The events of that festival were celebrated in a big ground away from of city. Thousand men and women participated in that festival. It was a mega event for them.

Aazr said that you would enjoy there a lot and in this way you would see its religious importance too. Ibrahim a.s excused in accompanying him. Aazar insisted a lot however Ibrahim excused in joining him. Aazar wanted to impress Ibrahim a.s to show that thousands of people were following their religion and Ibrahim was alone against their beliefs. Aazar became angry and moved out along his companions to participate in their mega festival. They were celebrating that festival for generations and they considered it very important . They celebrated it to please their lords. It was their routine that they performed the ceremonies of worshiping idols there on a collective level. They left their previous idols in their temples.

As they departed , Ibrahim a.s picked an ax and broke all the statues. He destroyed all statues however he left the biggest one. He just cut the nose of that idol and placed the ax on its shoulder. Ibrahim a.s stayed in home after doing all this with peace. When people of his nation reached back their homes, they found that all of their idols were broken and damaged except the biggest one. They said whoever did that , he was very cruel . He did blasphemy of our lords. They were very angry and claimed that they would take revenge. They called a meeting and discussed this issue. It was discussed there that there was a young man named Ibrahim, he was against our lords. It seemed that it was the job of that person. No one else him was against our lords.

They called Ibrahim a.s and inquired in a very strict tone . There was no eyewitness against Ibrahim. That people wanted that Ibrahim a.s himself should confess that he did all that. The news of this incident reached till king Nimrod. He was surprised on this situation. He called an emergency meeting of serious people to solve this mystery. After several meetings with courtiers, Nimrod decided that there should be an open trial. They called Ibrahim a.s in a gathering and asked in a strict and straight way about this incident. The act of breaking statues was not on his personal wish it was the command of HIS LORD so he was calm. He knew well that His Lord was with him and these people were ignorant. He believed that there was a reward for each and every trouble. According to His Lord direction, Ibrahim a.s suggested asking from that big statue about that incident. There was an ax, Instrument of crime, on its shoulder. Ibrahim a.s said apparently it seemed its work as it was bigger and the ax was also in its hand. He tried to make his nation sensible. He wanted to realize them that they were following the wrong path. All were ashamed, they bent down their heads and said that you knew well that these idols could not listen and could not reply.

On the judgment day, we will be answerable for all of our deeds. Dear kids if we live this life according to commands of our lord. We will be blessed. If we live life by the following devil, it will be a matter of shame and sorrow for us. May Allah give us a chance to live life according to HIS commands.  The story of Ibrahim a.s is still continued and Insha Allah we will complete it in few other sessions .