Story of Ibrahim a.s 2 from Quran for Kids

Quran for kids is leading light. As a parent, It is our duty to show them this light. We can not guide them without practically following the true way. We can learn the true only if we do Quran recitation.
Ibrahim a.s asked his father about his Lord. He replied that his lord was only Nimrod, he did not know any other Lord. Ibrahim a.s objected that how Nimrod could be a lord as he was born.

Dear kids, it is a fact that all living organisms are weak at the time of birth. With the passage of time and by consumption of food, young grows older and gradually turn into an adult. Similarly, every organism needs energy for its survival. Ibrahim objected that he was born and he himself consumed food for his survival so how he could be his lord. Designation of Lordship can not be given to any creature. Ibrahim a.s tried to ashame his nation. He had observed that his nation worshiped stars,the moon, and the Sun. He said that he also wanted to make a lord. In one dark and Moonless night, he observed a big and shining star. He said that this star was his lord. The night passed and the daylight started spreading in all directions. That star started fading and ultimately became invisible. The star was unable to sustain its shine in daylight.

When Ibrahim a.s observed this, he said that he did not need such lord that could not maintain its status. Once he observed the glitter and beauty of the Moon. It was bigger and more Brighter than that star. He told his nation that it was his lord. Sun arrived and the Moon became invisible in spite of all its glamorous glitter and beauty. He said that he would remain unable to find the correct way if his lord would not show him the straight path. His nation worshiped The Sun too. He said that might be the sun was his lord. In the evening, The sun was setting according to its routine. He declared that he was free from these types of lords. These lords were even not able to stop the changes in themselves, how these had any authority or power to change others. His nation was speechless on his comments on their lords however they were ignorant and wanted to remain ignorant.

He said to his father that his Lord was the creator of Planets, Earth, and Sky. He was not created by anyone. He created all without any partner. Quran Karim describes his statement ,” I see you and my nation detracted.” Aazar replied to Ibrahim,” Have you come with any truth news or you are kidding us or playing or you have listened all this from somewhere else?” Ibrahim a.s listened to all these with patience and said to his father,” No ! Our Lord is The lord of Earth and Sky. He created them and I believe in HIM”

The story of Ibrahim a.s is continued and we will complete it several sessions. May Allah give us chance to follow the forefather of nearly twenty-five thousand prophets