Stories from Quran for kids 2

Quran for kids is an excellent book, No doubt Quran Karim is for all irrespective of age and gender. However, if we grow up our kids according to the teachings of Holy Quran. We will get a reward in this world and on the judgment day too. Another question was relating people of Kahaf . Some people claim that kahaf cave is in Amman in Jordan while some also claim that kahaf cave is in Turkey. The important thing is not the presence of cave , the important thing is following the ways of that people. Off course, on the judgment day, we will be answerable for our deeds. We will not be answerable for the exact location of the cave. Allah informed his prophet about the story of people of Kahaf.

Allah says that people of kahaf were one of our signs. They were true Muslims. The ruler at that time was very cruel. He was a follower of the devil and forced other people to include in his pagan activities. People of the cave were less in power and number. They did not want to loose their true faith. They were unable to fight too so They decided to leave the area. On their way, they decided to hide in a cave. Maybe they wanted to move forward at some other safe time. Anyhow they entered the cave and prayed ,”Our Lord! Bestow on us Mercy from Thyself, and dispose of our affair for us in the right way! “. whenever a Muslim is in difficulty , he/she should call his/her Lord for help. Allah tells us that He slept them there. Usually, we sleep for some hours. But the sleep for people of Kahaf was a special order of our Lord. We all know that actual powers to do any task are in the hands of our Lord. We have given authority only. If we use this authority in a positive way. If we use this authority according to the commands of our Lord. It will be beneficial for this life, for ourselves. It will be beneficial for the society. and the true reward will be on the judgment day. If we misuse this authority, we may get some temporary benefits for ourselves but it will be deadly for others.

When people of cave awaken, one of them asked how many time they slept there. Allah says in Koran Karim that He tells the true situation and condition about the matter of people of the cave. Allah blesses more if someone believes in Him. No doubt HE is kind to all. Similarly, Allah leaves astray if someone proves himself capable of it. Allah strengthened the hearts people of Kahaf more and more on right path. They were few in numbers but their morale was high. They repeated that their Lord was true Lord. He was the owner of skies and earth. If we leave HIM we will be in loss. People of our nation left the true path. They were calling idols and statues while they had no evidence and no proof. They said,” Who doth more wrong than such as invent a falsehood against Allah?” We have decided that we would not keep any relations with such people. The best way was to stay in the cave so that our lord might bless us and would make our tasks easier for us.

Dear kids sunlight is not just a light. it is a source to kill germs too. similarly, more sunlight can burn skin too. There are advantages and disadvantages both. It depends on its usage. Allah tells us in Koran Karim that sunlight entered the cave in the morning from a side , similarly, rays entered the cave in evening from a side. People of the cave were sleeping in the mid of cave. The atmosphere of the cave was cleaned due to rays and they were saved from direct heat effect too. Allah tells us that a visitor might the sight was horrible . Their dog was also with them. The dog was also sleeping like others. We all change sides during sleep. It is very compulsory for health. For paralyzed persons, their attendants support them in changing sides. Else there can be bed sores. Allah tells us that Allah managed such that people of the cave were changing their sides too.

Allah made them awake . They asked for how long they were sleeping. One replied that it was some part of the day , the other one replied might be one whole day. They said our lord knew well how much time we slept there. They decided to send one of them to visit the nearby city and bring some food stuff for them. The suggested that their partner should visit the city with calm so that he might not be suspected . If people of the city became aware of them, they might harm them. There were chances of being Stoned to death . They might use force to include them in their false religion . The person visited the city and he observed some changes in the way of living but he remained quite. When he paid for food stuff, the shopkeeper observed the coin with attention. He asked from where he got that coins. That coins were centuries ago. Shopkeeper thought that stranger had found buried treasure from somewhere. Then the person from people of cave told the real story. The king at that time was very noble and gentle. He did some inquiry , a very old man told that he had heard the story that few people became absent and there was no news about them. The king along his people visited the people of cave bear footed. All the city gave them respect and believed in Allah. Some people suggested constructing a building there for worship. With Allah’s command, the people of the cave again vanished from the eyes of other people.