Eid ul Adha 2016 prayer time

One night Ibrahim a.s saw a dream to present sacrifice in the way of Allah. All human beings see dreams but their dreams can be true and their dreams can be false even a man can see a totally baseless dream too. But the Dreams of any prophet were always true. In the morning , he presented sacrifice of 200 camels in the way of Allah.Next night he again saw the dream to present his precious thing as sacrifice. He sacrificed more camels. On the third night, he again saw the dream to present sacrifice. In the morning he sacrificed more camel again. On the fourth night, he saw that a caller was saying him to sacrifice his son in the way of Allah. 

In the morning he said to his wife to prepare his kid for a feast. She dressed him in his best dress, Comb the hair, she beautified his eyes with Kohl. When they departed, the devil appeared in the form of an old man and asked about his son. She replied that he went with his father to attend a feast. He said that he was not going to any feast . Ibrahim wanted to sacrifice his son. She said that no one killed his own son without any reason or sin. Devil replied that Allah had ordered him to do so. She replied if Allah had ordered to do so then it was fine.
Devil was very disappointed with her reply.  He thought that Ismail a.s was a boy, he could be an easy target. Ibrahim a.s and Ismail a.s were on their way to reach Mina Ground. During traveling, Ibrahim a.s was ahead and Ismail a.s was following him. Devil accompanied Ismail a.s and asked where they were going. He replied that they were going to attend a feast. Devil whispered that your father was not taking you in any feast. He wanted to kill you. Ismail a.s asked had he ever listened that a father killed his son for no reason or sin. Devil replied that Allah had ordered him to do so. Ismael a.s said if it was the order of his lord then it was fine. Ismail said that he was ready to be sacrificed thousand times in the obedience of Allah. 
After covering some distance , Ismail a.s asked about the destination. Ibrahim a.s described his dream and asked the will of Ismail a.s . He replied that it would be a matter of great dignity for him. Ismail a.s suggested to perform this sacrifice as quickly as possible so that they could be saved from  devil’s temptation.   Ibrahim a.s said to hit devil with stones. Both father and son were hitting devil. Sky had not seen such scene and neither will see ever that a father is going to present the sacrifice of his own genetical son and son is in more hurry to complete this task. Subhan Allah Salam on Ibrahim and slam on the holy Progeny of Ibrahim. 
Now every  pilgrim present sacrifice in the memory of this event on Eid ul Adha . The time for presenting sacrifice is just after Eid prayer. Rest Muslims in the world offer eid ul Adha prayer after 20 mints of sunrise. It can be late too.
Eid-ul-Adha will be on Monday, September 12, 2016. In my area first prayer time is 8:00 am followed by a second Salah at 9:15am. It will be more better to call or visit nearby masjid or Islamic center to confirm the  Eid ul Adha 2016 prayer time.