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Quran for kids is vital the only effort which we have to do is , we have to educate them practically. Yes, practical education. Parents are their first school and kids learn from their parents more. That learning is engraved in their plain minds , Allah tells us in Koran Karim about the story of Zulkafil a.s.

It is written in many tafaseer that Allah blessed him the authority to make alive the dead ones. Allah is true Lord of everything. He can bestow life and he can snatch life too. HE is the sole owner of this universe. He is not answerable to anyone. We all are answerable to Him. Zulkafil a.s was a prophet . He preached his nation. Once he said them to fight in the way of Allah. His nation presented lame excuses and finally refused to fight. They thought that they would die if they fight. Death is a reality and one day we have to meet it , A true Muslim is never frightened of death. Allah became angry with that nation. As a result, they suffered the penalty of Plague. Hundreds died as a result of that Lethal disease. A lot of people escaped from their homes, they thought that escaping might save them.

Dear kids, apparently it looks a nice strategy to remain safe but Allah is Allah. He has all authorities where ever we are. When they reached some distance, Allah sent an angel and he announced a horrible sound. Thousands died due to that sound, a number of casualties were too much that they failed to bury them. They gathered dead bodies in a plot and constructed a boundary around that. Dear kids, it is stated in Jama al twareekh with the reference of the statement of Hadhrat Ibn Abbas (Allah has pleased with him) that they were four thousand in number. Hasan Basri (may Allah Bless him) said that they were eight thousand in number and Wahab ibn Munbah said that the number of casualties was eighty thousand. Hazrat Zul kafil came out from Atikaf after seven days and saw that his nation died. He visited the boundary wall and found other victims of Allah’s anger too. He saw that their flesh was rotten and melted due to sunlight and bones were prominent. He was very sad, he requested Allah that HE gave the death penalty to His nation. If he would show His mercy, They would become alive again. Allah sent his message that first, they denied fighting in My way due to death fear then they left city considering themselves safe. So I showed my powers and authorities.

Quran for kids
Quran for kids

Holy Quran tells us that Allah accepted the prayer of Hadhrat Zulkafil a.s and made them alive again. They came back in their city. Initially, They obeyed Hadhrat Zulkafil and later on they became his opponent again. He lived there for some time and then He migrated towards Syria. It is stated that there was a smell in suffocation of that people. That smell was like deadly meat. It was a reminder for them too. Slowly they left the right path and adopted devil’s way. They involved in the idol worship again.

Dear kids, you observed that even after seeing the signs of Allah, even after dying and becoming alive again , they became a victim of Devil. This is not a mystery, The reason behind this is very simple and clear. Whenever any nation left the true message and obeyed their wishes. when speaking the truth was considered as an act of foolishness. When being pious becomes a symbol of stupidity then devil becomes their leader.

May Allah save us from such situation. Join us to read Quran for kids for your own and for a successful life.