Story of Ibrahim a.s 5 from Quran for Kids

Quran for kids is a nice collection of sayings, one of them is the story of Ibrahim a.s. Today there is fifth portion of the story. We always insisit on character biulding of our selves and our kids. Without quran recitation we are incomplete. We can not become good muslim if we donot do Quran recitation. let’s start our today’s episode.

Nimrod climbed over a high tower to see the consequence of fire on Ibrahim. He remained surprised when he saw that Ibrahim a.s was safe and sound. He became angry by seeing all this . He thought that all his work was wasted and the fire remained unable to harm him. His minister, Hamaan stood on a high place and addressed to Ibrahim a.s that his Lord was true and powerful Lord . HE saved him from such heavy fire. Allah sent dark clouds. There was heavy raining and fire was extinguished.
Nimrod turned back to his home. He was very upset and depressed. He thought in his mind that such huge fire remained unable to harm Ibrahim a.s, it seemed that his Lord was real Lord. he remained worried however he did not discuss it with anyone. He thought that Ibrahim a.s seemed true prophet. He thought if he admitted him as a true messenger what would be its consequences. what would be the future of his kingdom. He was the most powerful at that time and he loved his power. He thought if he considered him as a prophet, he might had to leave all powers. His nation , his obedient would be against him . Actually, he was arrogant and he understood it in a clear way that he had to leave his arrogance if he admitted Ibrahim a.s as a prophet. He had to become obedient . Devil showed him that being obedient was a business of loss for him. Dear kids, it is an old trick of the devil. He is a clear enemy of human beings. Since the first day , he tried to deceive human beings. Devil wants to send us in hellfire on Judgement day and not only on the Judgement day but also in this world. Yes in this world too. Under the influence of the devil, we do not do good deeds. We create unrest. We make others lives hell. While Allah orders us to spend our energies in HIS way. If follow HIS orders we will be a source of rest and peace for others. Our Holy prophet defined Muslim,” A Muslim is that one if others are are saved from his hand and tongue” While devil —- us on back biting. Devil fears us from poverty so that we may not spend . May Allah save us from the attacks of the devil . We are very week and we need Allah’s help to defeat him.
He called Ibrahim a.s and said that he want to present sacrifice to please his lord. Ibrahim a.s replied that His lord would not accept his sacrifice. HE accepted sacrifices only from pious. He would accept it from if you believe Him as your Lord and if you believe me as his messenger. Nimrod said that he would do sacrifice either it would be accepted or it would be rejected. He ordered his servants to bring four thousand cows and to sacrifice them. Then Nimrod said to Ibrahim a.s that your Lord was very kind to you. He blessed you. He saved you from such fire. He presented a lot of gifts to him. He wanted to develop a soft corner in the heart of Ibrahim a.s for him. Ibrahim a.s said that His Lord was free from such necessities. He was the creator of this whole universe and such gifts had no value in front of HIM. Ibrahim a.s left that place and decided to migrate somewhere else.
There are different stories in traditions that where he went . Most of them are Israili sayings.  If you find any difference in these statement, no need to be worry because our first goal is obedience of Allah and following His prophet.