Story of Yousaf a.s 2 from Quran for kids

Quran for kids discusses the story of Yousuf a.s . However, this part is for the kids who are passing through their transitional stage. Brothers of Yousaf a.s threw him in a well. It is stated that water of that well was bitter and unfit for drinking. With the presence of Yousaf a.s, water became sweet and fit for drinking. A caravan was passing there, they saw greenery and thought that there must a source of water nearby. They decided to stay there . A person threw basket in well to get some water. Yousaf a.s sat in that basket. When he pulled out his basket, he saw Yousuf a.s was sitting in his basket. He yelled loudly and gathered other members of his caravan. They said collectively that they had not seen such beautiful human being in their lives before.

As we told you that Holy Prophet told us that Allah divided the beauty into two parts and one part was kept in Yousaf a.s and rest half was divided among whole human beings. Yousaf a.s was a kid at that time, people of that caravan were not good people. Instead of facilitating him , he made him a slave. He fastened him in chains and moved towards Egypt. After reaching there, he announced an auction to sell Yousaf a.s. On the pre-decided day he dressed him in a nice way and arranged a high stage for him. Yousaf a.s was sitting on that stage. People came to see him and offer prices. At last, the minister of Egypt came there and he paid the demanded price.

It is stated in Israeli traditions that price was very high. One thousand camels, one thousand horses with Saddle, a lot of gold and silver coins. Whatever minister paid was the asset of this world. This whole universe is nothing in front of Yousaf a.s. Dear kids do you know why? was he very beautiful? No doubt he was the most beautiful . But this is not the actual reason. The actual reason is that Yousaf a.s was a prophet . Prophet is the real asset and no one can pay the price of Prophet. Being prophet is not an ordinary matter. All prophets were direct representatives of Allah. Whatever we got , we got it from our Holy Prophet. Similarly, people of the previous times got directions from prophets of their time. Assets of this world can make your life better in this world. But the real asset is life after death. Allah tells us in Quran Karim that they sold him at a meager price.

The person, who bought Yousaf a.s, went home and said to his wife to take care of him .He was a minister of Egypt. He had no kids. He said to his wife that might we adopt him, he was barren and beauty of Yousaf a.s touched his feelings. Yousaf a.s started living like a prince. It is a universal fact that all prophets were trained and learned by birth. Only a prophet could become a teacher of any other prophet. Common people do not have such ability. Without the guidance of any teacher, Yousaf a.s proved a wise and obedient person. Minister was very happy with him. His wife was not a good lady. When Yousaf a.s turned into an adult man. She tried to seduce him. Yousaf a.s was a prophet how it was possible. He refused to play any role in such big sin. She threatened him that she would create such environment that he might had to go to Jail. Yousaf a.s remained stable on his Piety . Yousaf a.s replied that it was right of his master. He was not perfidious.

Some other ladies ashamed the wife of the minister. They said to her that you are trying to seduce a slave while It was not according to your status. We can imagine the moral values of the upper class of Egypt at that time. Instead of considering such acts as bad acts they were considering that seducing a slave boy was aginst dignity of his status. Wife of minister arranged a feast for that ladies. She served good food of different varieties. She provided them knives and fruits and at the same time, she ordered Yousaf a.s to come in front of them . Nobel Quran tells us that as Yousaf a.s came in front of them. That ladies cut their fingers instead of fruits. They were so impressed  by his glamorous personality  that they did not feel any pain. They cut their hands but they were unaware of it. They became senseless. Wife of minister ordered Yousuf a.s to go back. then she said proudly that he was that slave to whom she was trying to seduce.

She claimed firmly either he would involve in her play or he would go to prison. Quran Kareem tells us , Yousaf a.s prayed, My lord I prefer prison over that bad act to whom they are trying to convince me. She called him into a room and closed the door and tried to make relations. Allah says that female tried to commit adultery and Yousaf a.s might involve if he had not seen the signs of his LORD. Yousaf a.s ran away from that place. She tried to capture him however he turned away. she gripped her shirt from the back side and it tore during this process. They were running and at the doorstep, the minister met them. He inquired about the matter. Yousaf a.s described the whole situation. She said that he wanted to rape him. She said that there should be the prison punishment for such person. You kept him like your own son while he tried to rape your wife. Then a person said to check his shirt. He said If his shirt was torn from the front then this lady was true and if the shirt was torn from the back then statement of this man would be true. When the shirt was observed , it was torn from back. That lady was ashamed however minister sent him to jail for the sake of his false pride.

Dear kids u saw how a prophet , the most beautiful man saved his pride. He obeyed Allah. He preferred prison but he  did not involve in adultery. May Allah guide us to remain on the straight path. My kids, We know well that you are in passing through your transitional stage and it is natural that you have an attraction towards opposite gender. Keeping emotions under control and according to commands of Allah is our goal. If we succeed in this goal we will be blessed in this world and on the judgment day too. If we carry on Quran recitation, we will remain in contact with the true way and it will be easy for us.

written by Saqib Zaid