Quran For Kids, Story of Younas a.s

Quran recitation should a part of ever Muslim’s life. This Story of  Younas a.s is concluded from traditions and the Holy Quran for kids. Allah appointed Younas a.s as a prophet towards his nation, name of his area is stated as Nineveh, Younas a.s  spent a time there and preached them but no one was ready to accept his invitation. He said to worship God and to leave worshiping idols. But they were disobedient and rebellious. It is a universal fact that all prophets were bound to commands of Allah. They obeyed Allah in a well and admirable manner. Allah did not give him any order to leave that area. He became angry with his nation and left that area without waiting for the command of Allah to leave the area. There were no orders to stay there too, however, there were no orders to leave too. As we know well that all prophets were bound to divine direction for all of their acts.

It is stated in surah As-saf-fat in Koran Kareem and traditions that he left his area and rode on a boat. When the boat reached mid of the river, there was a heavy storm. The owner of the boat said that it was his personal experience that whenever a slave was riding on my boat without the permission of his lord, I suffered such storm each time. So I request that slave must leave the boat so that other people might save their lives.Younas a.s was a true prophet, he knew well that he left his nation without the permission of his lord so the he was the running slave. Other travels of the boat were impressed by his personality, so they even did not think that he could be the required person. They decided to select the name by toss. With Allah’s will name of Younas, a.s was selected as a result of  their toss. They tried to do selection three times because they did not want to admit him as the running slave. At last third time, Yonas a.s voluntarily became ready to jump out of the boat. Allah ordered a fish to engulf him safely. He was continuously repenting and he was ashamed that why he made hurry to leave his nation, why he did not wait for the orders to stay more or leave. Allah says that Younas a.s was appointed as a prophet for more than one hundred thousand people. After leaving Younas a.s his nation felt that they were wrong. At that time, they felt what they lost. They were ashamed and whole nation repented on their acts and decided to follow Younas a.s. They searched him but remained unable to find him. They repent again and again. Allah says the only nation of Younas a.s was saved from HIS anger due to their repentance. They searched here and there but failed to find prophet Jonah, how they could find him he was in the tummy of fish.  They came  out of the city and crying out. They Sincerely repented and seek forgiveness. Their cry and repent was accepted. In this way, they saved themselves from the punishment of God. Door for repent is always open. Anyone can do at any time the only term is sincerity.

Younas a.s remained busy in praising Allah and continued repenting. Allah says in Quran Kareem that Younas a.s was one of the persons who praise Allah if he was not one of them, he would stay in the tummy of fish  until the Judgement day.

quran for kids younas a.s prayer
younas a.s prayer

Younas a.s accepted humbly that there was no Lord except Allah and Allah is free from any type of error, He admitted that he did a mistake. He included himself in the group of disobedient. Though he was not disobedient but his action was against his status. He was a messenger and his action of leaving his nation was against his dignity. Allah accepted his apology and forgave him and his nation. Allah ordered fish to spew him in a barren land. He was very ill and weak. Allah grew a plant of pumpkin there. Its leaves provided shed and its fruit provided food and water. After some days, he became healthy. Almighty Allah commanded The Prophet Jonah to go  again towards his people and guide them according to the directions. He came back and his nation followed him.

In this way, people of Nineveh  achieved the success of this world and the success of the life after this world.

Written by SAQIB ZAID