Quran for kids Education

It was just like a Barbaric Festival. The time was passing and people were gathering more and more. Crowd was raising its sounds singing with beating drums and doing Brutal dancing. They were shouting in joy same like Hyenas shout at the the time of hunting any old lion. Yes a lion, Khubaib bin Adi Ansari, was going to kill in the name of Islam. He was captured and then was sold as a slave. Pagans were unable to even touch him so they took this chance as a golden chance to fulfill their Internal satanic desires.

Khubaib bin Adi Ansari may allah bestow his blessings on him was one of the companion of our Holy Prophet. Ethnically he was from yasrab, Madina munawarah. He belonged to OUS tribe of madina. When Holy Prophet moved Madina, he visited holy prophet many times and ultimately believed in one God and His final messenger. He had a sweetheart, Pure soul and Fruitful conscience.

Khubaib bin Adi Ansari may allah bestow his blessings on him appeared as a brave soldier at the time of Ghazwa a Badar ( The war in which Holy Prophet took part himself, in islamic term it is known as ghazwah). He played Leading fighters role during the war. In the Beginning of battle he was was encircled by opponents. He showed the ability of his sword and removed blockade. Many of the opponents ran away and Haris bin Amir bin Nofil was killed him. War ended, non-believers turned back to mecca. Sons of Haris inquired about the name of the killer of their father. They included the name of Khubaib bin Adi Ansari may allah bestow his blessings on him in the list of their worst enemies.

Muslim won the war and turned back with the passions of Formation and reconstruction of society. 90 men were captured in the war, before Islam there was no concept of treating the prisoners as even human beings. Holy prophet educated people the actual way of humanity. True and right way of living life can only be learn from quran for kids the prisoners became their educators. Prisoners have to teach the basic education to muslims kids. If someone was unable to pay.

Do you know what was The first word of wahi?? It was IQRA (read), The first word of quran for kids how much education is compulsory it can be seen in sunnah. There is no gender discrimination in learning. Where will be those people on judgment day who restrict girls in getting education in the name of Islam???

It is stated that some people from Uthul tribe and Qara tribe visited Madinah. They requested Hadhrat Muhammad , Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam, to send some of his companions in the their area as teachers. So that their fellow tribesmen may get some learning about the teachings of Islam. Holy prophet sent 10 people towards them . On their way, A tribe named banu-lihaan attacked on them. Nearly one hundred armed people tried to capture them. They encircled them and during this process 8 companions of holy prophet martyred while Khubaib and Zaid bin Adathna may Allah bless them were Incarcerated alive.

Even If a mountain of gold was given as price for them I think it was less. The price for Khubaib and Zaid was taken as hundred camels. According to Arab traditions no one was supposed to take the revenge of war in this way but victims were Muslims then so the traditions were changed. They violated their own rules to cold their fire of revenge. We can observe this practice in today’s so called civilized society too. Every unlawful act of any Muslim goes into the account of Islam. No one even bother to analyze that it was his personal act or it was the teachings of his religion. Educate yourself and your family members. Quran for kids and Quran for young, Quran for old. If we want to fill the the earth with peace we have to spread the education of Koran Karim.