Marriage in Islam

Marriage is considered a part of worship in Islam. It is an act that is pleasing to our Actual Lord. It is part of human nature to live in relationship. Allah orders to make this relationship open and puts some duties on men as husband and some duties on women as wife. It is in accordance with His commandments that couple should hide the deficiencies of each other and love each other. As per Koran Karim husbands and wives both, are responsible for bringing up and caring of their kids. They should help one another in making their kids as the true servants of God.

family life in quran

People start their married life with hopes and rosy dreams. Obviously it is a good thing. Hope is base for life and good hopes are bases for good life but the problem starts when people expect much . Consider your partner a human being, not a super natural creature. Your partner loves you but there are other relations too in life. Most of that relations existed before even listening your name. How someone can leave all previous relations and why someone should leave ???

That is one of the reason that many individuals fail to find as much satisfaction with their spouse as it should be  in their relationships. It is fact that all marriages change over time. There are numerous reasons for this change. Most are under control and very rare are beyond the control. Achieving a Strong Marriage Bond needs hard work. Muslim Couples can keep their marriages strong and enjoyable by following Quran for kids .

One of key for successful marriage is molding. People change their dress due to weather, change their behavior with boss and subordinate but don’t want to mold their preferences with their spouse which deserves far more than strangers. According to Koran Karim wife and husband are just like dress for each other. Acceptance of your partner wishes is necessary for a nice relationship. People think that their spouses should accept them for who they are. If you want to feel valued and respected why not your spouse. If partners cannot accept the preferences of their spouses, there will be Conflict in marriage.

If a men wants to tease his wife he solemnifies for not keeping sexual relations with her. Koran Karim imposed a check on such conditions.  In the ancient times it was Arabic Culture and this practice is still valid in under developed countries . If a man does such there is a period of 90 days only. Either he must live a like a normal sexual life with his wife or he have to divorce her. There is no concept of living without sexual relations without any acceptable reason for both parties.  It seems very natural — why will two people remain in marriage contract if they are unable to live like normal married couples? Sexual relations are base for love, affiliation and affection for wife and husband. Love and respect for each other is compulsory, this is according to teaching of Quran For kids parents are primary institute of learning.

It is sad but it is fact that we have forgotten the true teachings of Islam. We don’t read Koran Karim. Even If we read it , we don’t implement it in our daily lives. We have to learn Quran for kids, for our youth, for our old. If we are good Muslim we can hope for our generations to be  good Muslim.